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In my last post, I mentioned that the Universe/God/Goddess/Divinity blessed me with a father-figure after releasing my biological father from my life. One of the things I love most about my “new dad” is that we always talk about spiritual mysteries and he always teaches me new spiritual wisdom and insights.

During a conversation this weekend, we talked about this new energy that has been flooding the planet this year. We talked about our experiences with it and how it’s a wee bit slippery. As my “dad” put it, “It can’t be activated.”

What he meant is that the old energy supported a more masculine way of living…doing…action…chasing…forcing…activating…triggering. We both commented that we were very familiar with this energy and knew how to use it effectively to manifest what we wanted or needed. And yet, this new energy doesn’t support those old patterns and ways of doing things.

For example, in the old energy I never had a doubt that I could accomplish what I intended to accomplish…I simply had to keep at it until I achieved the goal. The old energy supported and rewarded persistence and perseverance. It also supported a strong will. If I exerted my will towards something, I always attracted that to me. It was easy…get clarity on what I wanted and then exerted focused energy on it until I got what I wanted.

Not so any more. We both laughed at our frustrations now because we’re experiencing similar things. Whenever we exert any effort toward our desires, everything shuts down. It’s as though someone has pulled the power cord out of the socket and the engines halt suddenly…like the regenerative brakes on a Prius…it’s sudden and abrupt. The more we push our agendas and force things to happen, the more blocks we create for ourselves.

As my “dad” says, it’s a subtle energy that is powered from some mysterious force yet unknown. It comes through each person to guide us in our flow but this flow all depends on our complete surrender to it. And this is where things get a little tricky, for I like to still pretend I’m in control…or that I should DO something, or pursue something, or make something happen, or force the issue. When I give up completely and surrender to this unknown force, suddenly everything starts moving in the ways I want it to go…almost magically, and with delightful surprises.

But there’s another piece to this energy…a piece that we both are still trying to figure out. That this energy is cumulative. It’s slow and gentle to start with…almost imperceptible. But then, the more you surrender to it, the faster it grows in speed and intensity until it can be quite overwhelming. So then we shut it down in order to catch our breath…waiting until we’re ready for the next manifestation, and then the cycle begins again…blocks, halting beginnings, massive speeding, then abruptly shutting down.

So, if you too are learning to flow in this new way of life, trust that you are not alone…even the experts are having to learn how to do things all over again with new tools and new rules. I’m still not certain where that point of balance is, but I suspect that it has to do with our self-awareness in each moment, actively participating in creating our existence, and taking responsibility for each tweak along the way…like an aperture in a camera or an embouchure adjustment for volume and pitch.

We’ll all figure it out eventually…just keep trusting in your flow…surrendering and tweaking as needed. Oh…and have fun! 🙂

And so it is.