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by Oliver Pieturn

by Oliver Pieturn


We’ve all experienced it…it’s one of the gifts to humanity, this moment…the choice. Do I or don’t I? Which way should I go? What should I do? Which is the best way? Which way will give me the results I want? Which way is the easiest way?

Hidden in this hesitating moment is a priceless gem…the gem of integrity. In this moment, everyone has the opportunity to evaluate the situation through the lens of his/her moral compass and choose. I’m not speaking about a moral code that is taught to you through a religion or spiritual practice. I’m talking about that inner voice…that place inside you that tells you what is right and what is wrong…that knowing-ness that what you are about to say or do is or is not in alignment with your inner truth.

This moment of hesitation is that moment when each of us chooses to either listen to that inner truth and act harmoniously with it or not. And yet, it’s not so simple. It also requires us to admit that we are choosing one way or the other…we’re not just victims of our circumstances. There are options even if we don’t like admitting that they are there. To admit that we are choosing requires courage, because we are taking responsibility for this choice and our circumstances. We aren’t blaming someone else for putting us in the situation…we aren’t expecting someone else to rescue us by fixing it for us. We are acknowledging that we are choosing one way or the other.

This alone is a huge step in a person’s spiritual evolutionary process. Most of humanity is not yet even aware of the many opportunities it has to make this choice. Most people simply coast through their lives on a pre-programmed existence which currently includes blame and victimness and helplessness. So, anytime someone recognizes that he/she has this choice to make and acknowledges it, I rejoice.

Taking this rejoicing a step further, choosing to act or speak in alignment with our inner wisdom and knowing-ness is something that brings tears to my eyes. In the current climate such choices are really really really hard to do. No matter how many times one does it the choice never gets easier…oftentimes it gets harder. Why? Because making this kind of choice is often alienating and unpopular. Those who make these choices are often ridiculed and mocked and bullied for being true to themselves. Many people shy away from associating with such radicals because they fear being exposed as frauds in their choices and having to admit that they do have an option to choose.

So, it’s perfectly understandable that if you’ve lived any particular length of time, you will hesitate whenever a choice presents itself to you. It’s also perfectly understandable to try to find the bending point…how much can I compromise without completely abandoning my integrity? And, it’s perfectly understandable that sometimes we bend so much that we end up in knots.

If you are finding yourself confronted with situations that can no longer continue as they are, you may find yourself in this moment of hesitancy…confused and frozen and uncertain as to what to do…particularly if the outcome is a complete mystery. If this is the case, use this space to offer a few things to yourself:

1. Give yourself the gift of self-love and compassion. Recognize and acknowledge that this is hard and that it’s ok that it’s hard. Love yourself for all the moments when you didn’t choose in alignment with your inner wisdom, for those situations taught you many things. Love yourself also for the moments when you did choose in alignment with your inner wisdom…even if you experienced painful repercussions. These too taught you many things, and no matter what, you are still loved and worthy of love.

2. Express gratitude for the beautiful and complex life that we get to experience! No matter what anyone tells you or teaches you, the only true guidebook for your life resides within you. It’s not easy, nor is it simple. It’s not suppose to be. It’s suppose to be messy. So embrace it!

3. Find that thread of courage in your gut…that memory of a time when you acted or spoke in alignment with your truth and you have no apologies for it. Ask your team to find that thread as well and amplify it within their Divine Lines…reflecting it to your Higher Self. Also that thread of courage to grow within your Divine Line, pulling all your courage off of everyone and everything in all dimensions, incarnations, and lifetimes into this present breath of now. Invite your body deva to do the same.

4. Ask your team to demonstrate how to connect more deeply with their inner wisdom and truth, aligning their soul with their wills…committing to it fully and completely. Ask them to amplify this connection and commitment to you at the level of your Higher Self. Invite your body deva to do the same.

5. Then ask that your team model to you, at the level of your Higher Self, an increase in personal responsibility, energetic integrity, and inner support. Allow that shift to flow down your Divine Line into you in this dimension. Invite it to amplify as much as is needed. Invite your body deva to do the same.

6. When all is aligned, open to receive the clarity and information you need in order to make the decision. When you receive it, trust it and express gratitude and move forward unhesitatingly, knowing that you have the support and assistance and love of the Universe/Divinity only a heartbeat away.

We ask that all your reference points, all ways of being, perceiving and being perceived are updated. We ask that you are wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate to your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to the angelic realms for serving and assisting us in every breath and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for the courage you carry in your heart for as you live and shift in the world, humanity shifts with you.

And so it is.