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Our thoughts can illuminate our feelings. Feelings are in the moment; emotions are remembered feelings…leftover feelings…which have their roots in the past.  ~Tom Kaypacha Lescher

Before I moved, I lived in a very small town. Except for work, everything I needed was within walking distance from my house. I loved that. Whenever I had errands to run, I chose to walk to do them, forcing me to slow down, get some exercise, and reconnect with nature.

Being a creature of habit and efficiency, however, I had my particular ways and patterns of walking around town, and eventually I exhausted the options for route variations when I tired of the routine.

So one day, when I knew I needed to walk and I was bored of the ritual, I asked for something to spice up the day…something unexpected, surprising, delightful, and fun. And on my way home this truck was parked next to my path…this huge, monstrous truck with a logo on the side identifying the owner as a construction business owner. And this truck had this message on the back!

I fully admit that my experience with construction workers is limited. I also fully admit that in this limitation, I have developed a prejudice toward the majority of them…that most construction workers aren’t really concerned with the finer things in life, enlightenment, or soul development, or spirituality, or the tender things of the heart. Seeing this sign on a construction vehicle challenged this prejudice and I burst out laughing with delight.

The delight was not only because my assumptions were challenged, but also because at that moment I was mired in my thoughts…going ’round and ’round about a difficult situation, unable to see any possible solution. All sorts of panic and fear and uncertainty was flooding over me and I was began to drown in it.

This sign stopped the process quite abruptly…reminding me that my thoughts and feelings are changeable. I have the power to choose my future…one based on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions rooted in the past, or one based on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions from my chosen future. My chosen future can be different from my past. I can choose a new and different way of being…of feeling…of perceiving. My future is not inevitable. There are options, and I can access them simply by changing my thoughts and emotions.

I am not a victim…I am a creator.

And so it is.