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The other day, as I was preparing my breakfast, I refilled my flax seed jar. In the process of refilling it, the seeds overflowed and spilled out onto the counter. The more I tried to clean it up, the farther the mess spread. I started to get really frustrated and began to allow the emotional trigger program to execute and fully take over the experience when I heard this:

You are experiencing a taste of what is to come…a magnification of all that you touch or experience. Any thought, dream, desire, emotion, perspective, story, creation with which you engage will expand like yeast in a bowl of warm water. If your energy and attention is unfocused and undisciplined, it will fly off into a myriad of directions. As it does, it will activate those areas and you could quickly find yourself in a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” kind of situation…similar to what you’re experiencing now. Try focusing your energy and attention with an intent to collect rather than dissipate and see what happens.

I took a deep breath…and then another one…and then another one…closed my eyes, and stepped back from the counter. As I calmed down, I pulled all my energy back to me…surprised at how scattered it was (just like those pesky flax seeds). Then I asked my team to focus their energies and model that to me and the body deva in this dimension. They did, and I felt myself shift into a peaceful zone of clarity and focus and purpose. I opened my eyes and looked at the counter and all the flax seeds trying to escape, and I felt the energy of the situation shift as I infused it with the intention to gather. As I scooped and slid them together, a neat and effortless pile formed…even with seeds I thought would be lodged in crevices forever.

This summer is going to highlight this expansive and magnifying energy. Our experiences are going to be similar to taking Using Magical Wands 101. The only way we’re going to figure out how to use this energy effectively is to practice. Keeping a sense of humor will make the experience much more pleasant, so we’re being asked to think of this summer as a play time…similar to Stuart when he says, “Look what I can do!” We’re also being assured that we’ll have support and help should we find ourselves in a pickle, so be sure to ask for it and then watch and learn as it “undoes.”

Some tools for working with this energy are:

1. Practice focusing on what you DO want in your life. This will assist in the magnification and manifestation of your dreams because this yeasty activity will go wherever your attention is.

2. Express daily gratitude (or hourly gratitude for challenging days). This is a phenomenal way to redirect attention.

3. Hold the desired essence energetically in your Divine Line. For instance, if you desire connection with like-minded people in your outer world, increase the connection to your Higher Self in your Divine Line so that there is room and space for it to magnify in your outer world. Then express gratitude for it when it shows up in the way you want it to…again, this will add energy and attention to the process already in motion and is like adding even more yeast to the mixture.

4. Laugh…play…have fun. This raises the vibration of your soul, your body, and your creations. If you make a “mistake” in this higher vibration, you may discover something new that couldn’t have been manifested in a lower, more serious mindset. And…this “mistake” may bring a lot of joy, support, and love to humanity at large, so relax. Let Fred and George Weasley be your inspiration. 🙂

And so it is.