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by Susan Von Seggern

by Susan Von Seggern

Yesterday was an interesting day, energetically. I felt a lot of emotions…anxiety, fear, desire to control, anger, frustration, confusion, uncertainty, and a lot of pressure to do something or provide answers. These emotions, however, weren’t mine. They belonged to a lot of other people…some near me, some not so near me.

As I looked and felt into the situation, I immediately saw a mob surrounding me. This mob was frantic and chaotic and had lost all sense of reason or personal control. They were very pushy and demanding and tried to intimidate me, energetically, to give them answers or solutions for their fear.

So, I stood there quietly…saying nothing…simply modeling solutions in my energetic fields. My team and body deva were incredibly helpful in this too and were partners in modeling energetic integrity along with me.

At first, some of the mob got more angry at me…because I wasn’t giving them what they thought they wanted from me. They tried to increase their intimidation tactics, but I simply held my space and stood in my own power quietly…holding a space of compassion for them.

Soon, some of the mob got quiet. Others burst into tears. The yells softened to mutterings, and eventually everyone started looking around them…noticing their surroundings and who was standing next to them. I kept standing there…along with my body deva and team…and continued to hold a safe and compassionate space for everyone as well as modeling the solutions in our energetic fields.

A few people saw and instantly shifted and walked away. The majority, however, are just sitting still and looking…uncertain as to what to do next. This is ok. I will stand there and continue to demonstrate as long as is needed…which might be the rest of this week.

If you are feeling the pressure of mass consciousness’ fear in this energetic and planetary shift, know that you are not alone. A lot of people don’t know what to make of all of this newly revealed information. To them, innocence was bliss, safety, and happiness. And, no matter if these situations have been around for 10 minutes or 10 centuries, the ignorance of them allowed people their illusions. Now that bliss has been destroyed. And rather than being able to see that they now have more choices where once none existed, they are trapped in a spiral of anger, tears, and conflict as a way of handling this uncertainty and fear. They are also grasping and mobbing anyone who they perceive as having information or power or answers to their pain or anger or fear…and that someone may be you.

If it is you, here are the steps you can take to teach them energetically. Whenever there are highly emotional and volatile situations, it’s easiest, and most effective, to teach in a higher dimension…modeling the solutions on yourself and for yourself multi-dimensionally, without ever speaking.

First, create a safe and sacred energetic space around you. I do this by inviting the Sacred Masculine to create a container for this space…creating boundaries and structure and a web of protection, using the appropriate sacred geometric shapes, mandalas, and healing holograms. Once in place, I invite the Sacred Feminine to fill the space with unconditional love, compassion, personal power, personal responsibility, energetic integrity, support, wisdom, balance, humility, and non-reactivity. Then I invite my body deva and my team to do the same.

By doing this, you are modeling connection with Source. Whenever we go into fear and frantic energy, we disconnect for our Higher Selves and from Source/Divinity/God/Goddess. Panic and anxiety only increase the longer we are disconnected, so just modeling a state of connection will help to remind people to make that shift back to their hearts and connection. Only in a state of connection can any support, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance be accessed or received.

Secondly, ask your Higher Self to shield you energetically. In such challenging situations, I will ask Archangel Michael to model and assist in this shielding…first for my team, then my body deva, then me. In the process of shielding, one important piece that is coming up right now is that of boundaries…especially for the team. The mob is pushing so frantically and intensely that the team is collapsing under the pressure. Remind them that they are powerful and ask them to re-establish their boundaries…asking the mob to back off if necessary. This will then give you some breathing room…and space to do your work and be seen. If appropriate, ask your body deva to do the same. In some situations in this dimension, you may also need to physically distance yourself from some people or situations in order to give yourself the space you need.

Thirdly, ask your Higher Self to bring all your reference points and energetic lines back to yourself…from all dimensions where you express yourself, and all lifetimes throughout the Universe. Bring them back to you Divine Line in a whole and healed state, calibrated to this present breath of now. Invite your body deva and team to do the same. In particular, pull all of your energy out of the decaying dimensions and crumbling situations. The more energy that exists in these places, the longer they can survive. If you pull your energy out of them and put that energy instead into the things you want to thrive, things will shift in greater degrees and at a faster rate.

Fourthly, ask your Higher Self to infuse your Divine Line with the information and solutions that are appropriate for this present breath of now. Ask that these qualities be magnified and amplified. Invite your body deva and team to do the same so that all three of you are holding the greatest amount of information, wisdom, solutions, mastery, personal integrity, and personal responsibility from a place of humility, compassion, unconditional love, and personal power as is possible.

Finally, shine. Reflect this information out to the mob. Don’t give your energy to them…reflect only…like a mirror or a lighthouse glass. Keep all of your energy on you and in you. Keep quiet and simply radiate…standing in your personal power in your safe and sacred space. In this place you are safe…no one will touch you. Stand in this energy for as long as you need to for the mob to gain all that they need and move away. You do not have to consciously do this modeling/teaching…you can ask that some part of you do this work in the background as you go about your day. And remember, should anything arise in this dimension that mirrors the energetic mob of chaos and pressure and demands and anger and fear, simply move into that part of you that continues to stand in this place of safety and teaching. Hold your ground silently with compassion. As you do, those in fear will gradually see, learn, and shift.

And so it is.