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As we move into the last few days of this lunar cycle, there is a building momentum of anticipation. For many people this anticipation is a natural part of our life cycles…school is ending (in North America), summer is beginning (or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), vacations are being planned, fiscal years are wrapping up, concert seasons are ending. So, while this is an exciting time naturally, it also is an exciting time energetically.

From an energetic standpoint, this is decision time. Since the beginning of the year we have let the old fall away while simultaneously building new foundations. During this time, we’ve been wandering through a store…a store filled with anything and everything imaginable from groceries to designer shoes. All brands, colors, sizes, variations are on display and available to try on and test. As we have walked the aisles dreaming of all the different ways we could use or combine products, we’ve been collecting things we like…similar to posting things on Pinterest. Now our research and collection time is up and it’s time to make our final choices in order to check out on the 8th…the New Moon.

This is a multi-dimensional experience though. We’ve been dreaming in the higher realms for ways and patterns and beliefs and manifestations that will support us in this dimension…as well as in all the other dimensions in which we express ourselves. This check-out is going to be huge…a complete make-over.

So, in order to bring the appropriate choices into this dimension, we have to ask for them here. One suggestion by Aleya Dao is to write your requests on yellow paper in red ink…the colors of the root and third chakras, the blend of the two representing the second. These chakras are the physical manifestation chakras, so using those colors adds an extra punch to your choices and requests.

On this paper, if you choose to do this exercise, list everything you can for creating your new life…all your choices. It doesn’t have to be limited to things you wish to attract to you, such as a soul-mate or financial abundance or a fulfilling life work. You can also list the things you wish to release or transform…those things that you are finished experiencing in your life, such as depression, addictions, weight issues, poverty, anger as an operating system, fear as a protection mechanism, etc. List it all in exquisite detail.

If you aren’t entirely clear as to what you really want to create, ask your Higher Self, your team, your body deva’s Higher Self, and the Guides to give you clarity. Use your – to really hone in on your desires and ask to remember your dreams or for the information to come through clearly in time to set the intentions.

A favorite tool of mine is to stretch time in such impacting decision-making times. I ask that all beings of love and light who are willing to assist me in choosing the highest and best choices for my greatest happiness convene with me during dream-time. I then request that we take as much time as we need to create the juiciest, most passionate, fun, fulfilling, magical, and delightful results…even if it takes 500 years to figure it out. Then I ask that once it’s all figured out, to come back in time to me in the morning as I’m waking up, and download all the information we created in that 500 years.

Sometimes the information comes in one massive chunk that takes a few days to unpack…sometimes in comes through in snippets throughout the day or over several days. So, I recommend keeping your list handy and writing each piece down as it comes to you so you don’t miss anything.

Additionally, some other teachers’ comments on the potency of this time resonated with me, so I’ve included them below:

Aleya Dao says,

We are slowly coming out of a two month pressure cooker. Phew! If in the last 10 days you have gotten sick, feel run down, kind of like you are going to die, or your skeletal structure went out, welcome to the club. If you just felt overwhelmed and or out of it, you are one of the lucky ones. This has been a very intense time and it is about to shift. We are moving out of this energetic tunnel and will be popping out on June 8th.

If you have been pushing yourself hard and, have been impatient, then this whole tunnel thing has probably been a bit frustrating. Breathe, rest, go slowly, and get ready to go really fast (but it is a warp dream drive) starting June 23rd. Until then go slowly and count your blessings.

To prepare for June 8th, imagine the first few moments before you walk into a party…Are you calm, put together, and in your best attire? Or…Are you disheveled, frantic, and rushing?

On Saturday, June 8th, the doors open and we walk into a new energetic terrain. The energy we hold within our-self is the first impression we make upon this new energetic terrain/neighborhood.

Use the next few days to get very calm, very clear, set your intentions, polish your shoes, pick your favorite party outfit, get ready to walk through those doors, and make the energetic impression you intend, that WILL support you.

Kaypacha says something similar:

It’s time for me to speak my truth,
Whether the world is ready to hear it,
I won’t know until I share it,
But I’ll die if I keep on stuffin’ it!

Wow! So much busyness is happening with this New Moon coming up in Gemini! Hope you’re wrapping up the old stuff and getting ready for a new blast off! It’s time to pull out the barbeque, invite the neighbors over and share the joy. Wishing you the best of all….aloha….

MysticMama shares some more detailed insights here.

Here’s to finally starting to see the sprouts of the seeds we planted in January, and an easier way of living.

And so it is.