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During this time of potent energy, our thoughts and desires are manifesting with increased intensity and speed. Many of these manifestations are wishes we made several years ago and now it’s as if a dam has broken and everything is pouring in all at once.

One important step is to ground deeply and increase the magnetic fields in order to receive all that is being given. Another important step is to spend time in meditation in order to understand the purpose and potentials for each gift. The step I’m addressing today is that of creating with intention.

All beings are creators. Some beings create by having children. Some create through art or music. Some create through words…spoken or written. Some create through their kindness and wisdom. Some create through beauty and love. Some creations are elementary…some are masterpieces. Yet, all are creations and valuable.

The most powerful creations, however, come from a space of flow…from a connection with Source…from an inner alignment with the Higher Self. These creations come because the ego has been taught to release and surrender to a Higher Power…the Higher Self…the Spiritual Self…the Source of All. In this space another being does the work and the mind learns as the creation takes place, for the creation comes from the heart place…the feeling space…the inner knowing.

This same place is where we can find solace in these potent energies of change and flux and uncertainty. Our minds are too full of rules and beliefs and mundane issues to see new potentials and possibilities, and so it can only limit us and our creations. Only the heart can dream without limits, thus opening doors the mind never knew could exist.

As we move out of the triad eclipse energy…this last one exposing our innermost secret wishes and desires…we have an opportunity to make a few adjustments before things take off again around June 10. Strive to keep the mind silent during this time. Live in the heart space…open and unencumbered. Keep the heart space protected and sweet with your pure soul essence. Care for yourself in deep, silent ways as a sacred being preparing for initiation. In doing so, you learn your spaces…your edges…your wishes, your heart’s murmurings…the secret, unknown thoughts. In caring for yourself, you honor yourself so that others can then honor you to the same degree. In caring for yourself, you allow your feelings to be acknowledged and dreams to take flight…without the limitations of beliefs or dogma or expectations. Thus, in caring for yourself and staying within the heart space, you become aware of yourself and the pulse and rhythm of your inner life and flow…resulting in the opportunity to choose that which serves your greatest happiness and potential.

Once here, you can choose to feel the deep essence of that which you wish to create for yourself. If you desire abundance in your outer world, feel the deep essence of abundance within your heart space. Amplify it and reflect it to your outer world. If you desire a deep, passionate, and committed love, feel that level of love, passion, and commitment for yourself within your heart space. Amplify it and reflect it to your outer world so it can then reflect it back to you. If you wish to create peace in your outer world, hold a deep calm and peace within your heart…to all people, in all situations. If you cannot yet, hold it first for yourself toward yourself…for one minute at a time…or 30 seconds…or a breath. For only that which we can do toward ourselves can be reflected to us, to the same degree, from the outer world.

And so it is.