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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

Tonight, I am grateful for a beautifully sunny and warm day. I’m grateful for time spent in the sunshine as I ran errands today, and that there were parking spots in front of all the businesses I visited. I’m grateful that all the errands I set out to do were easily completed. I’m grateful that on the way home I stumbled upon something I had been needing, and was given it free.

I’m grateful that once I have a plan in my head I can quickly and easily accomplish a task. I’m grateful for the insight and stamina in purging, sorting, and re-organizing files. I’m grateful that they are finally finished. I’m grateful for places that will shred my unneeded papers securely. I’m grateful for the courage to face a difficult situation this morning, and that it resolved quickly and easily.

I’m grateful for the incredible generosity and support from so many people. I’m grateful for the little notes of encouragement in unexpected places. I’m grateful for the energetic hugs I feel from my brother just when I need them most. I’m grateful for a phone chat with a dear friend this evening, and for the light heart that followed our conversation. I’m grateful for a book loan from a friend who understands my taste in literature (high and low). I’m grateful to be engrossed again in a well-told story that keeps me up late reading.

I’m grateful for the stunning peach-colored orchid which is bursting with flowers. I’m grateful that the squirrels left my bulbs alone this winter, and that all my ranunculus and tulips bloomed this spring.

I’m grateful for my mom.

I’m grateful for the ocean breeze.

I’m grateful for silence.

I’m grateful for understanding.

I’m grateful for self-forgiveness.

I’m grateful for hands to hold.

I’m grateful for love.