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Today is the perfect day for breathing.

I know that sounds silly. Breathing does seem to be a bit of a necessity for life…at least that’s what I’ve been told. And, occasionally, I experience the benefits of this necessity, so I suppose that it’s true. However, unless you are nothing like me and never resort to shallow breaths in stressful situations, today really will require us to focus on our breath because it’s going to be a massive release day.

On massive release days all sorts of stuff comes up for us…old memories, old patterns, old beliefs, old habits, old relationships, old hurts, lots and lots of emotions and tears. And on massive release days, everybody else is also experiencing these same triggers, emotions and memories. So, the potential is that we will be swimming in a sea of energetic slough…for that is really what’s happening…pruning of all that is dead and no longer serving life.

It’s beautiful actually, and is what your soul has requested, although it may not feel like it in the moment. This cleansing and clearing means that some part of your life has ended…some pattern, some belief, some way of being, some relationship, some perception has finished and completed and it’s time to let it go. So, it rises to your consciousness on the way out. And this is where a lot of people can hinder the process if they don’t understand what is happening.

As these memories or emotions or patterns or relationships rise to your consciousness, many people engage with these things…analyzing them, re-experiencing them, connecting with the emotions and wallowing in the pain all over again. When people do this, it stops the movement of the release and, instead, re-attaches this memory or emotion or pattern or relationship to you. If you can avoid connecting with the memory or emotion or relationship, you can simply acknowledge its release and allow it to flow out of you. 

By allowing all of this to leave, a space is created. This space is quite helpful and allows for two things to happen. The first is that what remains has room to move and shift and reconfigure. This reconfiguration is inevitable. No one remains stagnant unless he/she chooses to hold on to what has already died. If a person is truly honest with him/herself, he/she must admit that he/she is a different person than he/she was two years ago…five years ago…ten years ago…twenty years ago. And this means that internal reconfiguration must take place in order for the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, practice, and behaviors to be in alignment with one another…establishing energetic integrity.

The second thing that happens, now that release is allowed to flow out, is that there is room to welcome that which will support life, thriving, and abundance. This new thing, waiting to come into the space, has already been created by you in a different dimension, but until you let go of that which is already finished, that new creation and desire of your heart cannot come to you…because there is not room to receive it.

So, there might be a lot of fear today…or anger…or panic…or pain…or tears…or frustration…or jealousy…or inadequacy…or loneliness. It may be yours, or you may simply be feeling what another person is releasing.

Either way, the first step is to energetically shield yourself. If you need help, this post has a protocol which can assist you. Additionally, Archangel Michael will willing help anyone who asks him to protect them with his blue light. Also remember that your team and body deva need to shield themselves for you will feel whatever they feel…sometimes even more strongly than you feel yourself. So invite them to do what you do for the maximum support.

Then, breathe. Just breathe through the release. No matter how difficult or painful it is, it is temporary. Breathe deeply. This is vitally important, for deep breathing allows for life to flow through your body, assisting in the release, without hyperventilating. Breathe deeply into the root of the first chakra, then exhale until there is no more space to contract…way beyond the point of no air in the lungs. As you breathe in, set the intention to only breathe in pure love and light, and as you exhale, set the intention to breathe out stagnation, death, and all that has completed.

You may need to do this several times today, so be gentle with yourself. The eclipse will be sending you energetic information that will accomplish the internal recalibration and the updating of your reference points. Because this process is so deep and so intense today, it will probably come in waves so that we can handle it, so just relax into the process whenever you feel another releasing/breathing session coming up. And remember, through it all you are deeply loved, supported, and celebrated for all you do in all dimensions where you express yourself…seen and unseen…and for the courage you carry in your heart. For as you shift, release, clear, and recalibrate, humanity shifts with you.

And so it is.