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by Reesh

by Reesh

Have you ever had a computer lock up on you? Perhaps you were writing a paper, or playing a video game, or entering data, or finishing a bank transaction and everything freezes. You move your mouse around. Nothing. You press the Esc button. Nothing. You press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Nothing. You smack the hard drive. Nothing. Your only option is to hard restart the computer…potentially losing everything you were working on.

Today is this freeze-up moment…that moment of nothingness before a new moon cycle…that stillness before an eclipse. It’s that space in time when all is quiet just before the reset button is pushed (tomorrow). It’s that place of where soul is revealed…where all the trappings of life and illusions fall away. The place where deep adjustments can be made…like a tailor redesigning seams for a garment in order to fit the changing body.

Today, I invite you to allow your attention to go inward…to pay attention to the frozen-ness, not only in time, but also within. Where are you frozen in your body? Where are you frozen in your thoughts and emotions? Where are you frozen in your expression? As you identify and locate these spots, spend some time with them. Sit in them. Experience reality from those perspectives, and infuse unconditional love into those spaces and perceptions. If you need support in this process, here is a protocol to assist you.

We invite you to take a few deep breaths into your belly. As you do, gather all of your energy and awareness out of the future on the inhale, and out of the past on the exhale…until you are existing only in this present breath of now.

We invite the Sacred Masculine to create a safe and sacred healing chamber, using the appropriate sacred geometric shapes, healing holograms, mandalas, sounds, and song. We invite the Sacred Feminine to fill the healing chamber with life potentials, gentleness, passion, compassion, courage, unconditional love, acceptance, abundance, and joy. We invite the Ascended Masters, your guides, you from the future as an Ascended Master, and any other beings of love and light who wish to partake in this sacred healing to gather now in this safe and sacred space around you.

We invite your Higher Self, your body deva’s Higher Self, and your team’s Higher Selves to actively connect and engage with your own healing sources, your own spiritual power…to connect with all aspects of your beings. We also invite you, your body deva, and your team to ground into your appropriate grounding grids…transferring information and upgrading perceptions and information in the process.

We invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields and the Guides, to locate all places that have been frozen and are ready to release. We ask that these places include all dimensions, all incarnations, and all lifetimes. We invite your Higher Self to work with the energetic fields, the Guides, and the Sacred Feminine to sing the sound of your essence into those spaces and places and memories…that beautiful, exquisite sound that is unique to you, and encompasses all that you are and all that you will become…love expressed. We invite Ganesh/Ganesha and Archangel Michael to assist in the clearing, and Archangel Raphael and Quan Yin to assist in the healing. As the frozen-ness begins to thaw, and energy begins to move again, we invite your Guides to remind you of your essence…to show you your pureness and innocence…your whole and complete state of being. We invite the same to be done with your team and body deva.

As the frozen space and places are thawed and cleared, we ask that all information be returned to its right and perfect place, along with all relevant and appropriate information. We ask that the hidden gem within each situation be revealed, and we invite that gem to be anchored into the Divine Line. We ask that updated templates, blueprints, maps, contracts, orientations, and directions for your greatest passion and happiness be infused into the grids around the situations. We invite your body deva and team to do the same.

We ask that the Guides, Gaia, and team model to you and your body deva an increase in magnetics, courage, and support as you prepare for the reset tomorrow. We invite your soul family to come close, infusing your energy fields with love and remembrance for all you are. And we invite you to just relax in this field of love, support, healing, and movement…allowing yourself to be gently guided through and to whatever is appropriate for you at this time.

We ask that all reference points, all energy grids, personality grids, all ways of perceiving and being perceived in the world are updated. We ask that you are wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing these vibrations in to whatever degree is appropriate to your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to Divinity and the angelic realm for serving and assisting in every breath and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do in all dimensions, seen and unseen…and for the courage you carry in your heart, for as you shift and evolve, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.