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Recently, I came across this video.

And while I think it’s a fascinating use of technology for targeting specific audiences, that wasn’t the application that first came to my mind. My perspective was much more universal in nature.

As designed, this image is actually two images blended into one. The image that you see depends on how tall you are. If you are taller than 4′, you see a different depiction of the face than if you are shorter than 4′. And yet to the uninformed, or the first glance, both people are seemingly looking at the same image.

This illusion is exactly what it’s like to live on this planet, Earth/Gaia.

Within any given space or place there are a multitude of layers or perspectives. Each of these layers or perspectives exists on a specific frequency, just like a radio station. These layers or perspectives are what I refer to as dimensions. They are existences or story lines or parallel lives that also exist around each living being. In essence, they are options…like choose-your-own-adventure stories.

So this begs the question, what is reality? Honestly, reality is whatever you experience…meaning reality is subjective. However, there is a higher reality…one that is seen from a higher perspective rather than a lower one. This is similar to the perspective of a flying eagle as opposed to the ant on the ground. The higher your perspective, the bigger the picture you can see and the more understanding you have of your role in the picture.

So then, how do you determine your perspective? By your frequency. Just like energy workers perceive beings according to their frequency, as discussed in this post, we as humans live a life determined by our frequencies. As each of us learn lessons and experience situations, we each have a choice. Each choice involves responses to the presented situation, and each choice that is made shifts the perception of reality either to a lower or higher perspective.

Therefore, it is entirely possible for two individuals to experience the same event and have two completely different realities on the situation. One might think that the situation is tragic, and another might think that the same situation is beautiful. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one perspective is more desirable than the other. It simply means that one person is experiencing reality differently than the other person due to his/her frequency and the lessons needed at the time. Both are valid. Both are real. Both are important and necessary. Both are true.

So, as you move through your life, I invite you to become aware of your choices, your options, your reactions, your frequency. This is something that takes practice and time to do, so be gentle with yourself in this process. It’s simply a matter of learning to see things in a different way, and then choosing the one that brings you the most joy, pleasure, light, and life. The more you choose a particular path, the more your reality becomes solidified in that perspective…and that dimension. Gradually, your entire life shifts into that perspective and dimension until there is nothing left of your old life and your old ways…except for other people who still need to experience that existence.

When that occurs, learn to recognize that this too is true and right and necessary and honorable. This person is learning, just like you, and experiencing the reality that is appropriate for him/her…just like you. Honor, bless, and support the other by living your life with integrity, personal responsibility, and unconditional love. Each time you choose this reality, you not only shift yourself, you shift humanity.

And so it is.