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I love 3- and 4- year old kids. At this age, they have learned to communicate with their words, reasoning is possible, and sequential memory skyrockets. This means that deeper, meaningful interactions with these wee ones happens quite frequently because of increased commonalities. However, the one piece that inspires me the most with this age is their freedom and their lack of inhibitions.

At this age, kids rarely have fear holding them back. When they feel something it’s out for everyone else to see and feel as well. There’s no self-conscious dancing or singing or speaking or friendships. Self-expression is pure and sincere.

When I experience this reality with these kids I realize how much of me has closed down or shut off altogether…I see all those pieces of shame or inner criticisms that keep me from freely expressing all that my heart feels. And yet, living a life from a sincere and pure heart is complicated. It requires a lot of tenderness and compassion in order to fully access the range of its potentials.

Not too long ago, my heart was so locked down that I wasn’t even able to identify what I felt except in terms of anger and fear. Joy and ecstasy are powerful experiences, but a heart that is closed rarely can feel them, as I can attest. The subtler emotions such as compassion, gentleness, tenderness, vulnerability, and nurturing got lost with the fire of anger and the lead of fear, making them completely unavailable to me.

Once I was tired of living from this place of anger and fear, I discovered that there is really great news. The good news is that both anger and fear carry a lot of energy behind them and within them. This means that at their core they are simply energy…only at a lower frequency than joy and ecstasy.  Because they are at a lower frequency, this means that they can be transmuted to a higher frequency vibration.

Think of the potentials of this type of transmutation. Anger and fear are powerful motivators with massive amounts of energy behind them. Think of all the times when you have done something or not done something because of anger or fear. Do you remember the incredible power you felt and the strength you demonstrated and the miracles that happened from that place? If you’re like me, those moments were feats akin to an Olympic competition…deserving of great celebration! So, admittedly, transmuting this energy might appear to lose a source of incredible strength and movement.

Now think of this. In the lower energy levels of existence, any movement requires an incredible amount of force. These levels are so heavy and thick that it’s like trying to swim in setting concrete. Many times anger and fear were the only energies strong enough to move anything…even if that movement was as small as an eyelash flutter. In the higher energy levels of existence, everything is lighter, less dense, clearer, and much more fluid. Because movement is a natural and normal default setting, not as much energy is required to move something or change course. All of a sudden, the force required to make the tiniest of movements in the lower dimensions could easily blow up a planet in the higher dimensions.

So, as one increases his/her spiritual self to a life of greater awareness, the heart requires a recalibration to a more refined gauge and a larger spectrum in order to match. This recalibration process is similar to changing from a radio that can receive only one frequency to one that has a digital dial capable of discerning between tenths of frequencies. With this discernment of the radio-heart, the heart can now open in greater degrees to the Higher Self, resulting in receiving a vast amount of information and unconditional love. Two beings who specialize in this process and have requested to participate in this healing today are Mother Mary and Favia, the Goddess of Freedom.

Mother Mary, while identified as a saint by the Catholic Church, isn’t really comfortable with all that is attributed to her. It is very important to her that people know that she is no different than anyone else. But, because others have asked her for help, she has chosen to learn how to be of service to those who ask. Her service, she emphasizes, is not limited to or defined by a religion. Rather, she defines herself as being a step-down transformer for the mothering, nurturing energy of the Sacred Feminine. For many, the higher frequency of the Sacred Feminine is too strong or too intense, so Mother Mary is a gentler version…a stepping stone to the Sacred Feminine.

Favia, the Goddess of Freedom, is a new to me, appearing to me about a month ago. I am still learning about her, and this is what she has taught me so far. The freedom she brings to people, she emphasizes, is not the ego-centered I-can-do-whatever-I-want attitude. Rather, the freedom she offers is one of freeing the lower-density being from all the entanglements and restrictions and limitations that keep someone from living fully in his/her soul power and fullness of light…free of inhibitions and able to easily express all that flows naturally in and through the heart.

So, if it feels appropriate to you today, I invite you to spend time with Mother Mary and Favia. Bring them along with you as you move through your day and its tasks and responsibilities. Meet them one at a time and learn to discern their energies from your own. Invite them to help you transmute your lower frequency emotions into higher ones, healing them and their source points so that you can move forward with only the pearls those experiences offer you. Invite them to recalibrate your heart, allowing you to become aware of the vast spectrum of emotions, and teaching you how to navigate through and use them. As your heart gently heals and gradually opens to greater and deeper love and expression, remember to express gratitude to these feminine energies…for their love, compassion, and nurturing support that assisted you in this transformation.

In return, we are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do in all dimensions and in all lifetimes…seen and unseen…and for the courage that you carry in your heart to shift, grow, and evolve. For as you do, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.