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When I was younger, my parents took me to a gold mine…a real working gold mine. Even though I was quite young, I learned a lot about the determination of the human spirit to survive…even in the most trying of conditions.

The pinnacle moment in the tour occurred as I watched the raw gold being heated up in the cauldron. The temperature in the oven was so hot that not only did the gold melt, the cauldron containing the gold turned red and yellow. The gold itself looked as though it was on fire, and I watched in horror as it began to smoke. The demonstrator explained that this was part of the purification process…that as the temperature of the gold increased, the impurities burned off until only the pure gold remained.

My Guides reminded me of this experience today when I asked Them what messages They had for you today. But the application of this memory was a bit unexpected…and fun…and just a wee bit silly. They said that today is a great day to sing. 🙂

With all the heaviness of the past being dredged up this week, there is a lot of muck flying about. Some of it can get stuck on us again, so rather than get bogged down in this debris, let’s rise above it. Just like with gold, as we raise our frequencies the impurities fall away naturally. And one of the fastest ways to increase our frequencies is through music…especially through singing…such as goofy, uninhibited singing…in the shower. 🙂

Because let’s face it, no matter how fabulous of a singer you are, all is forgiven when you’re in the shower…because we all know that it’s just too irresistible. It really is an unrealistic expectation to keep silent when you can be so fabulous in such an echo-y space. So…don’t!

Set the stage. Light candles or incense if that calls to you. Bring in your playing device and speakers and queue up your favorite playlist or album. And then just let it all resound. If you feel sassy, sing with sass. If you feel like dancing, by all means dance…safely. Drum on the walls, practice your best Flashdance move…whatever your heart and soul pulse you to do, do it. No one is watching you…unless you turned the video camera on. 😉

And then notice the difference in your mood…your walk…your outlook on life…the ease and genuineness of your smile. Notice how easy it is to laugh, and how many silly things really do exist in our funny little world. Notice how many people smile in response to your lightness, also lightening up their world. For remember…as you shift, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.