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Today, as we move through the full moon energy, we have the opportunity to heal some important relationships and move into greater degrees of balance in those relationships.

So far, this has been a year of relationships, mostly because relationships are the easiest way to gauge our growth and change over time. Because everyone does change over time, relationships will either strengthen or weaken depending on if that change happens at a similar rate in both people in the relationship. If both people change at a similar rate and in similar directions, the relationship will most likely strengthen. However, if one person is slower to change or if the changes result in the people moving in dissimilar directions, the relationship will end.

The relationship I want to address in this post has its key in the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn is not one that many people appreciate in astrological terms. This is because Saturn is associated with old age; the qualities of cold, slow, dry, separateness; death; sadness; misfortune; heavy consequences; the color black; the law and its consequences; wisdom; the father. As you can see, these are not attributes that one usually runs toward…we are beings of pleasure after all. So why talk about Saturn during a full moon?

Because Saturn is conjunct with the Moon, and both are in Scorpio. Both the moon and Scorpio are water signs, and water signs have to do with emotions. In this particular situation, Saturn is moving retrograde through Scorpio causing a double-whammy with surfacing subconscious emotions. Additionally, the Moon also represents the subconscious adding even more potency to the subconscious being the focal point of healing. And finally, because the Moon is full, it is illuminating in greater extremes these hidden aspects and emotions that are be at the root of some of the qualities listed above (Saturn).

And this is where things get a little tricky. I said on Monday’s post that this would be a week of healing the masculine, and this is the theme Saturn is highlighting…or rather, is being highlighted through the light of the Moon. The primary issues that are ready for healing are issues that have brought these heavy qualities into our lives. And, at the risk of sounding like a psychologist, this planetary alignment suggests that many of these issues have to do with a masculine authority figure. It could be a father figure, but it could also be a boss or a teacher or any individual/institution/religion/system/government who exhibits imbalanced masculine traits (also discussed in Monday’s post).

As these issues come to the surface for you, they may surprise you…both in topic and intensity. This is understandable because these are issues that are subconscious…you weren’t aware of them previously. And yet, these issues have been at the foundation of your understanding of your world…again, without realizing it. Essentially, I’m saying that your world, as you know it, is about to be rocked.

As always, when such challenges arise, our first instincts may be to find stability outside of ourselves…on a job, on a routine, on a relationship, on a habit. But, what if those things are also affected by this new insight/revelation? The best place in such situations is your Divine Line. It is always your safest place to go…the source of your greatest courage, strength, support, reassurance, love, and healing. Burrow deep down into your Divine Line with all the attachment you would normally use in connecting outwardly.

Once you find that stream of light, invite your team and Body Deva to do the same. Then invite your team to locate the point of stillness, clarity, and discernment…modeling it to you at the level of your Higher Self. After you have shifted into this place, model it to your Body Deva until all three of you are in harmony with each other.

From this place allow whatever emotions arise to ride themselves out. Just like in a surfer, allow the emotions to lift you up and forward…to a higher level of consciousness and a higher perspective…possibly even rising above the current situation altogether and moving on. Flow with the water element of the emotions, looking for the pearls of wisdom that Saturn has for you. This will bring healing to those painful areas created from a tyrannical, imbalanced, masculine energy, and move the masculine just a little bit closer to balance with the feminine. Repeat as often as is necessary, all the while expressing gratitude for the release and the relief as you move into greater degrees of freedom.

When this shift is complete (24-48 hours), invite the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine to wrap you in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Express gratitude to the angelic realm and all who supported and assisted in this shift. And we, in turn, are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do, consciously and unconsciously…seen and unseen. For as you shift, heal, and evolve, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.