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If you are energetically sensitive, chances are that you’ve explored a variety of writings, channellings, readings, and energy work by those connected to the unseen world. It doesn’t take a lot of exposure to realize that everybody sees things just a little bit differently. And while that really isn’t all that surprising (every set of eyes is going to see things differently than another), it can be a bit confusing. Some practitioners even go so far as to accuse other practitioners as being wrong, deceitful, or even worse. All this conflicting information or even dissension only creates more confusion until you are left with these two questions: Who can I believe? Who’s right?

In order to answer those questions, it’s important to understand how energy is read or how information from higher dimensions is received. Understanding this process will hopefully provide you with another tool for supporting your discerning abilities.

There are many different ways that people receive information energetically. The most common ways involve one or more of the five senses. These are termed: Clairvoyance (clear seeing/vision), Clairsentience (clear feeling/touching), Clairaudience (clear hearing/listening), Clairalience (clear smelling), Claircognizance (clear knowing), and Clairgustance (clear tasting). These abilities, contrary to popular opinion, are natural abilities…available for anyone to develop and experience if you so desire.

Most people have one way that works best for them…the way that is easiest and natural. Oftentimes it is so inherent that people don’t even realize that what they do naturally is a form of a higher frequency communication. My natural forms are Claircognizance (clear knowing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling/touching) with Clairvoyance (clear seeing/vision) developing. I’ve also experienced the others but they aren’t ways that are important to me at this point in time, so I’m not focusing on them yet.

However, learning the easiest path for information to come to you (or to an energy practitioner) is only the first step. One of the most important pieces of receiving information (not only in the higher realms, but also in daily life) is learning to discern the source of the information. Anyone who has done any scholarly research knows that not all sources are equal…not all are reputable, and not all are desirable. For any scholarly publication primary sources carry much more weight than secondary sources, and it often takes a bit of practice to learn to tell the differences…to discern the validity of information.

This discernment is quite important both when developing your own inherent Clair- skills and when working with someone with more developed Clair-skills. Very often, as people start to open their minds to the possibility of intuitive communication everyone in the unseen dimensions wants to communicate. But, honestly, not all of those “everyones” are helpful and not all messages are appropriate. So it is vitally important to energetically protect yourself, setting the intentions to only connect with the highest frequency beings of love and light.

When you do this you create a powerful filter that allows you to only receive messages from beings who have no ego, who have no agenda, and who only hold love and compassion for you. When you interact with these beings, your spirit feels lighter…more expansive…filled with joy and peace…empowered…filled with inner courage, reassurance, and love. If any experience leaves you feeling less than this (either through a personal experience or with a reader or other energy worker), you have connected with beings who are not at the highest frequency.

Similarly, learning how understand the information communicated to you requires practice and discernment. It’s just like learning a language, except this language usually comes in symbols or through illustrations or stories. Nothing is explicit, and there are lots and lots of layers to understand. A single word from one of my Guides can be so packed with meaning and insight that it can take a year to understand it enough to begin to apply its lessons in my daily life.

Additionally, what is true today, energetically, may not be true tomorrow. This is because everything depends on choices and focus of attention. Every choice you make and every thought you entertain and give energy go affects the potential outcomes of any given situation. Therefore, the most anyone can say about your future is that if your patterns and habits continue, the most likely outcome could be ____. If you made an unexpected choice tomorrow…a choice that isn’t predictable from your current patterns and habits…all of the outcome potentials change.

And even then, there are many layers to these potentials, and they all have to do with frequency…of the outcomes and the frequency of the person looking at the outcomes. Whenever a person tunes into the energetic grids and dimensions, he/she will automatically tune into the energy grids that match his/her frequency…even if you’re resonating at a different frequency. It takes a conscious awareness and intention to tune into higher frequency grids than your current frequency, and unless a practitioner does this, the information can be skewed even more (remember, interpretation always creates massive opportunities for skewed information).

But, even if someone does unconsciously match your frequency, there are the additional layers of potentials…the most likely outcomes and the highest potential outcomes. The most likely outcomes are those mentioned above…the outcomes that will probably happen if absolutely nothing changes in your life. But the highest frequency potential outcome is that outcome that could be…that potential for the greatest happiness, the greatest love, the greatest joy, the greatest abundance, the greatest freedom.

Of course this means that there are also lesser potential outcomes but why focus on those? You as a soul are not interested in anything less than the highest…that’s why you are here! The more one can live a life filled with his/her highest potentials, the more of an impact that life can have…both on the person living that life and everyone around him/her. Shifting your perspective from the layer of the probable or predictable outcome to the highest potential outcome completely changes things. Now you have the opportunity to see potentials that you may not have even known existed. This perspective automatically empowers you to choose…to consciously see a bigger possibility for changing your life in dramatic ways.

So, whenever you are working with energy…either on your own or with another practitioner…tune into your inner guidance system. Pay attention to your body and your soul’s responses to what someone is saying. Is this person speaking from a place of fear or love? Are you responding to their words by shutting down or bursting open in joy? Are you afraid to do anything on your own without this person’s advice or are you empowered to live your own life according to your own inner wisdom? Do you leave his/her presence feeling shamed and condemned or do you feel precious and loved unconditionally? Do you look down the road and feel a dull listlessness of predictability, or are you in awe, eyes wide, staggered at the vision of what might be…what could be…knowing it’s going to be a lot of work, and having absolutely NO idea how to get from here to there but also knowing that this is absolutely the way you want to go?

If so, this is your highest potential. This is where your focus will reap the greatest rewards. This is the frequency to tune into as you develop your Clair- skills. This is where your true power lies…your Higher Self…your deepest and most profound wisdom…your greatest protection…the deepest healing…the most potent shifts…the greatest opportunity for co-creation. And as you shift, energetically modeling to others how life can be, you shift humanity.

And so it is.