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by Paul Santiago

I have many habits. Some are helpful for me; some are not.

One of my many habits is to want.

Notice that I’m not placing value on this habit…it is neither good nor bad to want. In fact, depending on the situation, wanting can be necessary to survival. However, if, like me, you have requested a life of abundance rather than merely surviving, this habit of wanting can be a tricky thing. It requires learning how to maintain a balance between requesting and letting go…aspiring to something and discovering unconditional happiness.

This concept of conditional happiness vs. unconditional happiness is a lesson I am learning at the moment. I am constantly surprised at all of the different people, events, circumstances, personal exchanges, and places that hold my happiness chips. Of course those chips didn’t just get there on my own…I put them there for whatever reason under a variety of circumstances.

The trick is to get them back to me, anchored into my Divine Line.

The challenge with this process is that I can give you a protocol for bringing your happiness chips back to yourself (and mine to myself), but unless the belief around happiness is addressed it won’t last. The belief? Some version of this: Someone or something else is responsible for my happiness.

I know I’ve heard all kinds of lectures about happiness and the keys to happiness and money doesn’t bring happiness and I am the only one responsible for my happiness, but it’s a very different thing when I’m faced with a challenging situation and I’m fully and completely triggered…upset…livid…hurt…betrayed…abandoned…bullied…accused unjustly…and the list goes on. It takes a lot of patience, practice, awareness, and self-compassion to take enough space in that intense moment to connect with my inner happiness…particularly if I really believe that this situation is in any way connected with my happiness.

When I do take a moment to connect to my inner wisdom, the first thing I’m asked is: What do you need? Because emotions have so many layers to them it may take me a while to figure out what my need is. Or, this may be a very familiar situation and I instantly know what my need is. I may need perfection or consideration or understanding or comfort or security or support or validation or connection or freedom. Once I figure out what the basic underlying need is, my inner wisdom tells me this: You are responsible for supplying that need for yourself. And this is the rub.

I really want the other to meet my need. It’s easier that way. It’s faster that way. I don’t have to work as hard that way.

Pulling all my energy off the want and back into my Divine Line can be one of the most difficult things I do that day…particularly if neither my body deva or my team want to do it either. Because a significant portion of my energetic reality is affected by these other consciousnesses, it really is important that we all work together on a shift…otherwise we’ll end up sabotaging each other.

So, in such challenging situations as these, I start with my team.

I ask that the Ascended Masters and Guides surround my team, modeling to them and teaching them how to hold their boundaries gracefully and bring their energies into their Divine Lines. Because they are all energetically also surrounding me, when my team shifts I automatically shift to match them. I am now supported in pulling my energy off of the wanting of a something or someone else to bring me happiness, and I can do this much more easily than I could without this shift. And, because the body deva’s Divine Line is connected to and parallel to mine, she too will shift to match whatever I’m modeling to her. Now all of our energies are within and in alignment with each other.

Then I ask that the Ascended Masters and Guides, still surrounding my team, show my team two things: how to connect with the unconditional happiness within, and how to meet the need within. And here’s a fascinating little twist…my team, made up of several different beings, each have their own needs in this situation. Some may have the same needs that I do, but some may not. So whatever needs they have in this situation must also be addressed separately from mine. And this is why it is such a great thing to have the support of the Ascended Masters and Guides…I don’t have to consciously know or teach anyone how to do it…because I’m the student too.

Once my team has shifted again to meet that need within themselves and connected with their inner unconditional happiness spot, it’s my turn. Their shift has again created a supportive space for me to more easily make this shift…even if I’m still struggling with the outward-focused belief.

The process begins by my inner wisdom asking me: How would you feel if this need was met in this situation? Depending on how triggered I am, finding this feeling might take a while. My energy may really struggle to stay within me. I’m so used to having it outside of myself and giving responsibility away that it just takes too much energy to keep it on myself for very long. I just keep trying. Eventually I’ll get it. When I do, I start feeling a thin thread of peace weaving through my emotional turmoil. I focus on that, encouraging it to grow. As it does, the turmoil lessens and my thoughts around the situation calm as well until all that I’m experiencing is this beautiful space of a need being met. The situation hasn’t changed at all…no one outside of me has done anything different, but my need is being met just as fully and completely as I was triggered moments ago.

Two things happen next: my body deva shifts to match me (adding to the blissful experience that is now coursing through my physical body), and I am now able to locate my unconditional happiness spot. I energetically plug into that spot, infusing that quality into my experience. Once again my body deva shifts to match me, and again we are all in alignment with ourselves and each other. In this moment of deep inner connection it doesn’t matter if someone is yelling or that my favorite dessert is sold out or that I didn’t get to talk with a friend today. My happiness is anchored within…allowing these situations to continue on without my involvement.

Then I express gratitude…for the assistance, love, and support from the Ascended Masters and Guides, for the support and love and shifting from my team, for the co-operation and connection with my body deva, and to myself for yet another opportunity to be aware, learn, evolve, and practice a skill. I ask that all reference points are updated…all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived. I open my heart to receive love from Divinity, then I ask to be wrapped in sheets of rainbow light…gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate to my spiritual evolutionary state. When all is complete, we bow to each other…for as we shift, we shift humanity.

And so it is.