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This week I watched an episode of This Old House in which a support beam had been cut by a previous construction project. Six out of the eight inches was missing, rendering the beam useless for the rest of the house. A significant portion of the floor rested on this unsupported section causing a lot of distress…not only to the damaged support beam, but also to the rest of the house. Only a minuscule portion of this damaged beam was supported enough by the foundation to actually hold anything, but because it was such a small area, it too was useless to the house.

This damage and imbalance can also be seen in society and in society’s consciousness. For thousands of years value and emphasis has been placed on the masculine. This means that not only have masculine traits and behaviors been valued above feminine ones, but that masculine traits are to be solely embodied and revered in all humans…most especially those who identify as male. 

Before anyone thinks that I’m attacking the masculine or devaluing the male gender or emasculating men, it’s important to understand what I mean by “masculine traits” and “feminine traits.” I do not mean that “masculine traits” refer to men and “feminine traits” to women. Neither do I mean that these traits translate to roles or that one gender is more valuable than another. When I refer to a “masculine/feminine trait” I am referring to equal and opposite perspectives, all of which can be demonstrated by a single person regardless of gender. Each trait is simply one end of a polarity with regards to an emotion or behavior or thought or existence.

For example, the symbol of the Yin and Yang represents these polarities or extremes. The light/white portion is represented by the masculine and the dark/black portion is represented by the feminine. These are the two extremes, and everything else falls within the continuum between them…equal, balanced, integrated, and necessary for life.

There are many traits that fall into these extreme categories. In general, masculine is light, feminine is dark; masculine is dry, feminine is wet; masculine is contractive, feminine is expansive; masculine is outward driven, feminine is inward driven; masculine is giving, feminine is receiving; masculine is power over, feminine is power with; masculine is aggressive, feminine is assertive; masculine is thinking, feminine is feeling; masculine is solar, feminine is lunar. There are many many more examples, but I think is good enough for now.

For thousands of years the bulk of society and its consciousness has been built on these masculine traits, without the balance of the feminine traits, due to a severing of connection between the two…similar to the damaged beam. Over time, with all the weight and responsibility on the masculine, the masculine spirit (present in both women and men) has become stressed and weakened, resulting in a society and floor that is beginning to sag and fall out of alignment. There is a tiny section of the feminine available that is strong and supported, but because the two are mostly disconnected from each other, the weight and responsibility cannot be shared. This imbalance, over time, will result in the entire house disintegrating.

Why is this balance so important? Because one informs the other. One supplies a perspective that the other needs. When a person needs to put his/her energy outside of him/herself (masculine), it’s wise for that action to be informed by the wisdom and intuition provided by the feminine. To blindly stumble about life without insight or taking time to reflect on one’s behavior not only limits your potentials but also results in unnecessary pain…both to you and others around you who are affected by your choices.

For example, if you are driving on the freeway and someone cuts you off, almost hitting you in the process, a natural response would be to respond in a similar way. You might want go around the offender and cut that car off in return…or make rude gestures to the driver…or yell colorful descriptions about the driver and what you want to do to him/her.

These reactions are examples of an outward or sending energy onto another person. Therefore, these reactions would be masculine behaviors/traits. While these traits are helpful when brainstorming or seeking information or rescuing someone in an emergency or giving a persuasive speech, they aren’t especially helpful in this freeway scenario. There are some potential hazards in simply acting from a masculine perspective in this situation. All of the above reactions would affect those around you in some way…possibly putting others’ lives in danger. Taking a moment to connect with your inner feminine (wisdom) and allowing your vision of the situation to be broadened would probably result in choosing a different way of handling the situation…one that respects yourself and others simultaneously…one that allows you to only be responsible for yourself…no one else.

This then is the theme for this week. It will be a week of revealing areas in your life where the masculine and feminine are not only out of balance, but have been damaged as a result in the imbalance. As you become aware of these areas, hold a space of compassion…not only for yourself but for anyone who shares that space with you. If an apology is appropriate, spend some time preparing for the communication of that apology. If action is required on your part, spend some time meditating on the best and highest vibrational path you can take in that action.

In each situation, going within is essential, for that is where the Sacred Feminine exists…that wisdom, guidance, intimate connection, and emotional strength that you seek. Every time you go within, a small tendril connects the feminine with the masculine. Every time you go within, informing your masculine impulses with feminine wisdom, that damaged beam is reconnected…that gap is breached. Every time you go within when you are pulsed to push outwards, that damaged space, isolating one portion of the beam from the other, heals just a little bit more. And as you heal, you model healing to humanity.

And so it is.