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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.     ~Albert Einstein, 1946

Countless times I have found myself so absorbed by a project or a book or a conversation or work that I am completely unaware of anything or anyone else around me. Time ceases to exist. My need for food never registers. Only two occasions can interrupt this concentration: getting stuck on the project, and a need for physical elimination. Even then I put the elimination issue off for as long as possible because the interruption is annoying.

When I do stop long enough to attend to my body’s request, I become aware of all the other things or people or events that I haven’t noticed while concentrating. I become aware of the need to eat, go to the market, go to the bank, or return a phone call. I can also see what I’ve been working on from a different perspective…and this often adds clarity, insight, and deeper creativity.

When I’ve talked with other people about their experiences, they have told me that their hyper focused attention can often result in them forgetting where they’re going…the goal of the project. They get so bogged down with the nitty-gritty details, and so frustrated with trying to solve one tiny situation that they forget the big picture. If they remember to stop once in a while, step back, and see the big picture, everything else tends to fall into its appropriate place.

This is the final piece of the meditation for this week…the bridge, and the opportunity for perspective…above the marsh and weeds, looking at what was and what is. After all our identities, stories, attachments, and clean-up are addressed, released, and broken down into nourishing elements, we have the perfect opportunity to step back and see what we’ve done. Maybe someone’s thought that he/she hasn’t done any work at all. By standing on the bridge, he/she can see that work has indeed been happening, and probably a lot more than he/she realized. Or, someone may not have seen an area that needed to be addressed, for whatever reason. When standing on the bridge, he/she can now see this area when compared to the areas that have been addressed.

Stepping back and getting perspective is an important part of the spiritual evolutionary process.

However, there could be a problem. As I stood on the bridge in my meditation, I looked up and down the hill. I saw that there was a large area of bog and this is the only bridge across it. Because I am on my way home from work, I realize that I have to cross the swampy area to get from my house to my job…as does everyone who lives on my side of the swamp. I also realize that this bridge is mine…I built it for me on my property and no one else can use it. But, in that realization I see that no one else has a bridge yet, even though they could build one and have their designated spots for building. No one even has building materials ready. They’re just slogging through the swamp blindly…every single day…seemingly oblivious of the opportunity to rise above it.

I wonder why no one has noticed my bridge or gotten the idea to build one. After all, my bridge really isn’t very fancy. It’s a very new construction…built from the same rough-cut boards as the last addition. Because I’m barefoot, I have to walk carefully or I could get slivers. It was built hastily in order to serve a necessary purpose in a very short period of time and really doesn’t look good. But, it serves the purpose…to rise above the muck and the weeds.

As long as I was down there, I couldn’t see anything I’d built or any progress I’d made, nor could I create a clear plan for addressing and accomplishing the next steps. So I built a bridge. I didn’t address any of the issues of the muck or weeds before building the bridge…they’re still there, and I’ve left them alone for now. I simply built away over them or through them. At some point I may choose to address them but it will be a lot easier to address them from a higher perspective than by being in the swamp where all the yuck is.

And that is what is being called for now…building a bridge to rise above the muck and the weeds to gain a new perspective. Why? To create something new in the space where the former houses were. In order to do that a higher perspective must be used…a higher mind…a higher frequency of being. This is why the energy grids must go. This is why there are already new grids in place ready to be explored (the new house)…but we first need this bridge to lift us up to a higher perspective, out of the muck and dense weeds, to even see that they exist.

So, today I invite you to stop and evaluate your life. Look for those areas where you are slogging through a swamp, filled with all kinds of weeds, bogs, and hidden creepy crawlies. Then look for the opportunity to build a bridge over those areas. Once its built, look at the big picture of your life…notice and celebrate all that you’ve done. Notice newly revealed areas that are ready to be addressed, and notice the new home that already awaits you. The opportunity is there waiting for you to see it and seize it. The materials needed already exist and are available to you if you ask for them. Let’s start building!

And so it is.