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by Eco-Logical Design

by Eco-Logical Design

As we move through the stages described this week, reclaiming our true identity, releasing stories that no longer support our growth and greatest happiness, and cleaning up from demolition, we are now left with a structure and support system that is no longer usable.

As I walked through the remains of the houses, it was clear to me that there had been at least three periods in the development of the structure. The first one was made from twigs. It was very temporary and unstable, but it was better than being fully exposed to all the elements. It was originally an emergency structure but because it was good enough, I used it for quite some time.

The second one was made from straw. This one was built around the twig house. It was significantly bigger than the twig house and made up the largest portion of the overall decaying structure. It was much warmer than the twig house and was such an improvement from the twig house that it was actually ahead of its time when it was built. This house lasted for a very very long time.

The third house was relatively new compared to the other two. There were only three rooms made from the rough wood, and they all were on the side of the house that could be seen from the street. The boards were quite wide…at least a foot across…and I got the feeling that I had put these rooms up in quite a hurry…similar to the twig house. Yet, it wasn’t for a physical emergency…it was for an emotional emergency. The purpose of this third development was so that I would appear to be good enough to those passing by on the street. It had been painted a similar Celadon green, but because the wood hadn’t been smoothed or cured, the paint chipped off easily. It was pretty clear that anyone who looked longer than a glance would know that this was a facade…and a poor one at that.

Walking through the houses, barefoot, I was keenly aware of the soil under my feet. The reason it caught my attention is because it wasn’t consistent with the state of things above it. Above ground, everything was old and decaying and neglected. But yet the earth was soft and fresh and newly tilled. It appeared that it had been regularly fed with compost and was teeming with life and potentials.

Someone had started to take apart the houses and decided that the materials could be recycled. Since they were all made from organic materials, they could be recycled directly into the earth, so they were turned into wood chips. By turning these structures into wood chips, I realized that my energetic foundations needed to be dismantled down to the building elements. As nothing in the Universe is ever thrown away, I was shown that this dismantling was for fuel…fuel for the soil…fuel for my future.

I was told that this dismantling of the houses and the chipping of their building materials wasn’t to be done carelessly or thoughtlessly. It was to be done in a spirit of awareness for where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how my past has prepared me for my future. As I took down each piece that I once built, I was to express gratitude for all that this structure had provided for me…for all it had taught me…for all it had brought to me. I had spent a lot of time and energy creating it, and now I could change all that potential energy into kinetic energy to propel me forward.

The number I was shown in connection with this realization was: 123. In Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel Numbers” this number means “Simplify your life. Get rid of anything that’s pulling at your energy, time, or finances—especially anything that pulls you away from your life purpose. The ascended masters are helping you with this simplification.” But rather than “getting rid” of something energetically, allow it to be recycled. Allow anything that’s draining you to be released with gratitude and use the memories and the freed-up energy to feed you and nourish your dreams.

For this is what the soil represents…that tilled, fresh, soft, teeming-with-life, nourished soil. It had been tended and fed with all of the pieces from my life that no longer served me. Nothing was gone…it was simply repurposed in a different configuration. I could never lose anything I’ve learned…neither could releasing something ever be a permanent loss…it will always stay with me because it is a part of me. It will just return to me in a new way…with new layers…carrying more gems. Where once I had a house of twigs, eventually I will have a house encrusted with precious stones and metals. All I have to do is continually let go of all that has completed and no longer serves me…with gratitude…allowing those energies to be recycled…recreated into something even more exquisite.

So today I invite you to let go with gratitude…aware of all the things you’ve done, the places you’ve been, all that you’ve learned. Let go of all the structures and grids that supported you in all those accomplishments…not only grateful for the support that has been there for you in the past, but also for the promise that it will return to you in the future even more magnificent than anything you’ve experienced thus far. Trust that you never lose any part of yourself…that You are vast with endless potentials. Trust that this temporary loss is only serving to nourish you…feed you…prepare you to receive…thrive…flourish.

And so it is.