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by James Page

by James Page

I love watching building and construction shows on television. I love to see something beautiful being made from seemingly nothing…just a piles of lumber, nails, and concrete. The skill required to miter a piece of board is really phenomenal, and I’m always amazed at the shortcuts and thought processes of a general contractor.

Of all that I’ve seen, I love This Old House the best…mostly because something that already exists is being repaired and brought back to its original beauty. The research involved makes me drool, but the finished product is simply amazing. To have the ability to see the potentials for beauty when something is so decayed is really a gift. Add to that the attention to detail that Tom Silva particularly brings, and I really am in my element.

Each stage of the process of renovation has its joys and challenges, and perhaps my least favorite stage is demolition. There is so much dust and dirt and rot and decay and debris and chaos that it’s hard for me to see that anything of value is actually happening. I can’t help but think about the fact that someone once put this board in place or planted that bush or set that tile…and now it’s being ripped out.

Interestingly, my favorite stage is immediately following demolition…after all the rot has been removed, everything opened up, and the chaos cleaned up. Now I can see what remains…what is left on which to build. Here is where creativity jumps in and my imagination goes to work. Now I can envision the potentials and have certainty that the potentials will actually be realized. But, in order to get to my favorite stage, I have to go through the yucky bits…I have to clear out muck and clean up.

This is what that dining room table represented in my meditation (as described in Monday’s post). Here was a space that had been used a lot…even up to the last day, or maybe even beyond the time when anyone lived in those houses. The dining room table held memories of gatherings with people I loved, celebrating events, and simply marking time in each day. It had been chosen with that purpose in mind and served that purpose well. Additionally, the food that remained on the table had also been chosen for a purpose. It had been selected for purchase and prepared for that specific meal for a specific event. It was wanted, needed, useful, and necessary.

And then it wasn’t. The time for that event ended, and it was time to move on. And, apparently, I did…without cleaning up after myself. Based on the first two posts on this topic, I didn’t clean up because my identity and stories were still attached to this space and the memory of the events. The attachment didn’t allow me to clean it up because I was afraid to lose something in the process. And, sometimes there is a loss. Losing a room full of pictures due to a fire or flood is not the same as losing a painful memory. Losing the daily interaction with someone you love, either through death or through a move, is not the same as separating yourself from someone who is not healthy for you. Sometimes cleaning up and removing attachments really does signify loss, so we just walk away from the ending…waiting for a less emotionally charged moment to do the clean-up.

But no one can build something new on top of junk without risking the destruction of the new. The old has to be cleaned out if you want to build in that space. So the yucky part has to be done…demolition.

Hopefully, by keeping your identity in your Divine Line, and allowing a new story to be told about the experience up for clearing and release, this demolition process can be a much more graceful and gentle process. And, while it may be uncomfortable, there are some tools to help you experience this clearing in a more empowering way.

The two principles that are important at this stage are:

  1. The real work happens in another dimension
  2. Emotions can only be felt for a maximum of three minutes

We live in a dimension that isn’t real. The only way we perceive anything in this dimension is through a series of electrical impulses that transfer light waves or sound waves or friction to a specific portion of the brain. In essence, our perception is entirely digital…a holographic projection of the true reality existing in a different dimension.

What this means in our particular clean-up scenario is that the clean-up doesn’t actually happen in this dimension…the work happens in a higher dimension where the work is much easier to do. So, relax and invite your Higher Self to do the clean-up work…and your team…and your body deva’s Higher Self. Then have them reflect that shift and change to your energy grids in this dimension. The change happens so quickly in the higher realms, but it can take a while for the messages to download in this dimension due to grounding issues. So, doing what you can to keep the channels clean and clear and open will help the shifts integrate in a smoother way.

When they do integrate, emotions will arise. This is the gift of being in this dimension on this planet. We are on a water planet (80% water), and water is the element of emotions. For many people emotions are something to fear and avoid, and I would venture to guess that this is because these people haven’t learned how to use emotions as a tool. All they know is that the emotions are super intense and that intensity is too much to experience…the fear of drowning in the intensity is too strong so they shut it all down.

The good news is that while the emotions are incredibly intense, the body can only sustain any intense emotion for a maximum of three minutes…the usual amount is 90 seconds. Any longer than three minutes would deplete the body beyond repair. So, the body allows for cycles when there is something big to release…an intense rush of emotion followed by a calm or lull followed again by an intense rush of emotion. The calm or lull will lengthen over time as the amount to release lessens, but if there is more to release, it will come up again.

The challenging news is that three minutes can be an incredible length of time when you are consumed by emotion. How do you navigate those three minutes without losing yourself?

You surf.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a surfer…I’m a boater. I am not a fan of being in the ocean if I can’t see what’s in it with me, and even then there is way too much unfamiliar stuff for me to relax in it much less play in it. So if you’re not a surfer either, that’s ok. But if you are, this should be a cinch for you…you’ll be a master of emotions in no time.

When you’re on the water, you soon become aware of the rhythm of the ocean…the swells and the trenches. As the water rises, you rise with it…as it falls, you also fall. If you’re out far enough from any dramatic change in the ocean floor, the difference from the top of the rise to the bottom of the trench may not be that much…unless there’s a storm. When there’s a storm, the difference can easily be 30 feet or more. Now we’re talking overwhelming and life-threatening.

When navigating swells, one always wants to meet them head-on. This allows you to cut through the swell with the least resistance reducing the risk of being unseated or overturned. If the swell hits the side, however, there is much more surface area to absorb impact and chances are you will overturn. When you meet the swells head-on, one end lifts before the other does. This means that you are usually experiencing all the possibilities from the top to the bottom at the same time. If the swell is mild, it will pass quickly and you can move on. If it breaks, you have the opportunity to ride it…choosing the potentials you wish to experience. The swell’s momentum will lift you up and propel you forward. All you have to do is keep your balance and steer.

Now try this with emotions. Think of them as swells or breaking waves that can lift you up and move you forward…often up and over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The lifting allows you to shift to a higher frequency and a higher potential, and the forward movement gives you momentum to stay there. It will take practice to keep your balance and steer, and you may fall off a few times and tumble in the waves and eat sand, but just try again. The real work is happening in the higher realms…all you have to do is ride the waves and allow the clearing to happen. The higher the frequency, the less debris, until you reach the frequency where you can see the potentials for your future…imagine the possibilities, and know that the realization of it is inevitable.

And so it is.