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This last weekend was filled with insights, new perspectives, old painful memories, sorting, clearing, releasing, and many downloads of ideas and new directions. As I meditated for today’s post, the information came much more slowly than usual…it was a download with enough information for the entire week. So we’ll gradually unpack the message, keeping in mind that there is always more than what I write here, so be open to the messages and insights you receive even if I don’t address that perspective or point.

The meditation began with me walking, barefoot, across a newly built wooden bridge. The bridge had no railings on either side, and the wood was rough-hewn. It spanned an area of wilderness that had grown thick and tall with what I would have called weeds, and the earth beneath was soggy and mushy like a marsh.

As I walked up the sloping portion to the flat area of the bridge, I saw an old street with big, tall trees lining it. Across the street and to the left was my house…my new house, painted a beautiful Celadon green…two stories, spacious, and cozy with lots of lights on, welcoming me home at the end of the day. Next to my new house and in front of me was an area where I could see a house had been. Or, rather, many houses had been. The only thing I could see at this point were a few structural walls…everything else had either decayed away or had been put through the chipper, the chips now lining the “floors.” I could see some houses made of twigs, surrounded by another with straw, surrounded by another with rough-hewn wood…thick planks that were now rotting away.

My immediate thought as I walked to my house was, “What an eye-sore! How can the owner just let that stuff sit and not clean it up?” Then I realized that owned it…these were my old homes, and was responsible for cleaning it up. So I changed my direction and walked through this area where I once lived…still barefoot, alternately walking on the freshly laid chips and the thick, soft, rich, dark soil.

As I did, I was filled with memories of living in these houses. They were so familiar to me…I had so much history here. There was still evidence that I had lived here…an old dining table with the last meal still present on the table, although it was now decaying. I walked through the woods next to the house, the trees now beginning to grow within the decaying structures…remembering all the games and adventures and fun I had there with my family and friends.

Just as I was becoming overwhelmed with nostalgia, I realized that this wasn’t me any longer. Although these houses had served an important purpose, they weren’t me. My true self was represented by the new house, painted green for the heart chakra. My true self is love and light…nothing more, nothing less. To try to hold on to this old identity, that never was really me to begin with, would be an exercise in futility. There was no way any of these houses were salvageable. I needed to let go, and embrace the house that would nourish and sustain me.

Today, I invite you to do the same. Moving to a new identity and new ways of seeing the world, being in it, and relating to others can be disorienting and stressful. But not as stressful as trying to hang on to something that isn’t salvageable. Being vulnerable as you reveal your true self can also be rather frightening…but not as frightening as pretending you’re hiding behind a facade that is decaying (think The Emperor’s New Clothes).

Take some time to explore this new house of yours…a house you built for you. Discover the treasures and details that you included for yourself, appreciating the support and sustainability this new house will provide you. No longer will you have to struggle to maintain protection or safety or a basic existence. Now you can thrive…rest…relax…enjoy…be in abundance easily. All from a place of love rather than fear, for you are love…you are light…nothing more…nothing less.

And so it is.