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by Gysela Gervais

by Gysela Gervais

I love to walk on the beach…which is a good thing, because I live a few blocks away from a long stretch of it. I love to feel the sand shifting under my weight, the warmth of the dry sand and the coolness of the wet…the support of the damp portions and the hidden wells of water underneath. One spring surprised me so much that I stopped and looked around and did a little excavating. I discovered a wall around the spring indicating that it had been there for some time and that probably a lot of people used this fresh water.

One part of walking on the beach that I particularly love is wading through lagoons. On my beach, lagoons happen mostly during the winter months when winter storms shift the sand around, creating mounds instead of gradations. During high tide the water flows over the mounds and back down to the hollows behind. Then during low tide, the water settles and warms. Various creatures make their way into these lagoons and because the water is clear and warm it makes for a fun way to watch the flow of nature.

Another part of walking on the beach that I enjoy is avoiding the waves as they climb up the beach. It’s always a fun physics experiment to look at the wave, its height and speed and estimate how far it will go based on the amount of water traveling in the opposite direction and its speed. I admit that I experience a ridiculous amount of joy when my calculations are so precise that the water comes within millimeters of my toes.

But perhaps my most favorite part of walking the beach doesn’t involve walking at all, but standing…still. Sometimes I’m standing still for long periods of time as the water rushes in and out and around me. Other times I’m walking and a large wave comes in with more energy than I had anticipated. I’ve learned that in this latter situation, the best thing to do is stop walking and just wait…wait for the water to disperse its energy and go where it needs to go before taking another step. If I try to walk before the water has calmed down I could get quite wet with all the splashing around or I could lose my balance with the force of the water’s movement and fall completely into the water. Of course no harm would be done in either of those situations, but if I want to minimize both results, I need to stop and wait. While I wait, standing still as the water rushes about in all sorts of different directions, my feet and ankles are feeling all kinds of things…the sand is moving around, sea weed is floating along, foam attaches to my legs, and bubbles flow through my toes. If I pay attention to all of these things, I can know when it’s safe to move. It’s safe to move when the water slows flowing up and begins to flow out. It’s safe to move when the sand changes direction. It’s safe to move when the bubbles stop. It’s safe to move when the foam shifts away from my leg.

This weekend, starting today, is this situation energetically. A lot of downloads will be happening throughout the weekend. I download is an energetic packet similar to what a computer receives. Sometimes the download comes in one complete packet with knowledge, understanding, insight, and wisdom and sometimes it comes in stages and chunks. This weekend will involve stages and chunks, for what is being downloaded is massive and life-altering.

What’s coming in are your new grids…your new orientation systems and new reference systems for existence on this planet. During this process you may feel dizziness and swirliness, a lack of groundedness, heaviness, sleepiness that comes on suddenly and strongly, and a bit of disorientation. When those moments occur, stand still. Pull all of your energy, all your reference points for identifying yourself up and off everyone and everything, including your body and your grids, and attach them to your Divine Line. Pull your awareness out of 3-D and into your Divine Line and ground. Invite your body deva to ground into the new grids of Gaia, and ask your Higher Self to ground into the galactic grids that already exist. Pull your anchor out of 3-D and bring it into your Divine Line and into your Root Chakra (Mulhadhara). Invite your body deva to do the same. If you need additional support, ask your team to energetically model to you how to do this.

Then stand and wait…feeling, and listening, and paying attention. This is how you will know when it’s safe to take the next step…paying attention and listening. As the chunks come in, get installed and calibrated to you, your body deva, and the planet, information will come with them. A lot of this information will be pieces that you have been missing over the past few months…pieces that have kept you from being able to move forward in your ideas and plans, desires, and manifestations. When this information comes in, you will feel a tug to act in a particular way. It may be a subtle tug, but it will be there. It may also not make a lot of sense to you, but pay attention and listen, for it’s important to do what you’re being inspired to do.

If you’re having trouble hearing this communication between your consciousness and your team or Guides or your Higher Self, let them know. Invite them to keep honing the connection so that the reception on your end is as clear as possible. You can also invite them to intensify the amplitude of the frequency…or turn up the volume so you can hear them better. They will happily comply and will keep working until they get a response from you that you’ve heard them.

When you’ve heard them clearly, you will know what your next step is and that it’s safe to take it. The only challenge is to do it. If you know this is what you need to do, it will resonate throughout your entire body regardless of what your mind thinks of it. It will be one of those situations where you know you have to do something, you just can’t explain it to anyone. So, ask your Higher Self and your body deva’s Higher Self to crank up the courage dial and take that step.

Then wait…and listen…and watch…until you hear the next set of instructions and you know it’s safe to move forward. This will be the process throughout the weekend, and by Monday you will have a much clearer understanding as to where you’re going and why you’re going that way. You’ll be able to “see” farther down the road into this year, and have a purpose that you will be able to communicate to others. One step at a time…you can do it!

And so it is.