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by Sheila Beal

If you are energetically sensitive, you may have felt a lot of shifts, emotions, thoughts, and memories come up recently. You also may be dreaming vividly when normally you don’t remember your dreams, or if you do remember them, they are much more intense than normal.

A lot is currently happening at an energetic level that is affecting the physical reality. I know I’ve said this before, and from the looks of things, this is a phrase that will most likely be accurate for most of the rest of the year. Black Water Snake year is all about bringing emotions and memories and painful stuff to the surface for the purposes of healing. So, take heart…this is only temporary. However, it might help to know a few things that are taking place astrologically.

When Mercury began its retrograde movement in February, it was at 19:51 degrees of Pisces. When it stopped moving backwards and turned forward again in March, it was at 5:30 degrees of Pisces. Mercury then had to travel from 5:30 degrees to 19:51 degrees in a forward direction before any new ground could be addressed. This retracing time is called the shadow movement. On Sunday Mercury emerged from this shadow movement and began traveling into new territory. This means that you may have felt the urge to move forward in some aspect of your life or you felt energy to accomplish something that has been put off for some time. All feelings of impatience at the slowness of things is reaching new heights and intolerance is at a premium.

Add to this mix the fact that today is the last day of this lunar cycle, as tomorrow, in the early morning hours (PDT) will be the New Moon. This last day of the lunar cycle is a space of void and stillness…waiting yet again…so impatience will probably pop up in odd and unexpected moments.

Other planets are also doing interesting things. Mars and Venus are conjunct with the Sun in Aries, which means the fiery masculine and passionate feminine aspects are learning a new dance in a balanced way. Any areas in which the masculine and feminine are out of balance are going to be highlighted. There are also two yods taking place involving Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Gemini in the first yod and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini, and Saturn in Scorpio in the second. These began in December 2012 and will finish around mid-April. During these four months there have also been a few squares as well, and a yod with Mars causing astrological mayhem to put it mildly. I won’t delve into the meanings behind these yods from an astrological perspective, so feel free to do research on your own if you are interested in more information. 

What is interesting to me is the spiritual aspect of the yods. A yod in astrological terms refers to a Divine pointing or a Divinely appointed moment in time. It’s intense and everyone will experience it because Divinity is intervening. However, yod is also the name of a Hebrew letter and corresponds to the astrological sign Virgo, representing feminine sacred space and belonging to self. In Kabbalistic tradition, the yod, also the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is the point of movement in the Universe and the origin of all other letters…the various combinations and their spoken/uttered vibrations created life. Its symbol is either an open or closed hand, depending on its placement, and its Gematria value is 10…corresponding with ten fingers on the two hands. These two hands, one opened and one closed, each represent a polarity in the dualistic reality of the 3rd dimension…darkness or light. There is much more symbology around this situation, but this is as far as I will go.

When you put all of these together, today is potent. Mercury desperately wants to move forward, but is being held back by the moon. The moon is in stillness and void preparing for a new cycle and being open for planting new seeds for cultivation. The yod, the source of life and the seed from which all other Hebrew letters sprang, is indicating that this is a Divinely appointed space in time and that there is no escaping the lessons and the dredging of the emotions and memories that are being revealed for healing. This healing is vitally necessary in order to bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance with each other so that the blessings of each can be fully experienced and received by humanity, the planet, and the Universe.

The word that the Higher Realms have for us in response to the present astrological conditions is “Copacetic.” While the word generally means “very satisfactory or acceptable,” there is another definition that I felt was more appropriate. It is the definition of the Hebrew phrases “Hakol Beseder” or “Hakol BeTzedek,” two options for the origin of the word “copacetic.” The meanings of these phrases, respectively, are: All in order, and Everything is justified. The message then is one of reassurance…that with all of the energetic movement, shifts, and seeming chaos that surrounds us, everything is ok…it’s very satisfactory, in order, balanced, and most importantly, it’s all according to the Divine plan.

Trust and relax.

And so it is.