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The last four months have been filled with disruptions, endings, releases…and potentials. To be honest, when I look at the energy behind all of this process, I see something akin to an explosion…a sudden burst of energy that shakes everything up. Or, to reference a game I loved to play as a child, Fruit Basket Upset! Everything has been released from the place, order, and configuration that it once was in, and now all the pieces are floating around trying to figure out how to come back together.

During this disorienting time, there have been all kinds of ideas as to what one might want to do, where one might want to go, who one might want to become or be with, or what kind of life one might want to create. The possibilities have been overwhelming at times because there were so many of them. You’d explore one option for a bit, and then another, and then another. They all seemed to be great options and you were never quite certain which one was best…which way to go…which path to pursue. And, this was as it should be. It was the perfect time for research and discovery…of exploring opportunities to see which ones you liked and which ones you didn’t.

This time for researching is ending and the time for decisions is here. Enough research has been done to make a choice. Now, I love to do research which means I often feel as though I haven’t done enough research to make a confident decision… as though I still need more information to make this decision. If I keep researching and reading past this enough-point, I can get so bogged down in the nuances that I can lose sight of the big picture and clarity of decision. If this is your case, I invite you to spend time with this not-enough feeling to really discover the root of it. Is it truly because you need more information, or are you afraid to move forward as long as there is uncertainty? Do you think you need to know everything before taking the first step? Do you feel like you need more control over the situation or outcome before committing to the journey? Do you think that if you know the hows of a situation you’ve done enough research? If any of these questions ring true, chances are you’re stalling…avoiding the inevitable and hiding behind excuses…because you’re afraid.

On the one hand, if you are afraid, you have good reason. History has probably taught you that chaos is unpleasant and you might have a belief that life is to be spent avoiding unpleasantness. Or, you might look down the path of this journey you’re facing, knowing all the work it’s going to take, and it’s just too much for you…it’s too overwhelming and you just don’t have the energy to get from here to there. Or, you don’t have the education or wisdom or knowledge or skills to get from here to there. And that’s ok. All of it. But. Don’t let it stop you from moving forward. Courage doesn’t exist in the absence of fear. If one exists, the other is also present and available.

So. Turn that courage dial all the way up. Waaaay up. Blow-your-socks-off up. Then look at all your options and your ideas and your dreams. Most importantly, listen to your heart. Ask your heart what it really wants…and keep your brain silent so you can listen. When you know you’ve discovered what your heart really wants, commit. Commit to this dream with 100% of your courage and attention. Eliminate all distractions between your mind and your dream, fully focusing on creating this dream in this reality right now. And never waver. Keep your eye on the intended outcome at all times…as though your life depended on it…because it does.

Then, watch for all the pieces to come together. Watch for the synchronicity of the Universe to support this hyper-focused commitment. Every time there is movement in your desired direction, celebrate and express gratitude…always while keeping your eyes on your intended outcome. You don’t have to know how it will all work out or come together. Just flow with a focused mind and heart, and the Universe will lead you there.

And so it is.