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Today is a great day to clean…both inside and out.

Whenever the weather changes, nature does some really interesting things. The wind starts blowing and it’s not unusual for wind gusts of 50 mph to occur. Rain often happens in spurts…pouring one minute then breaking up to allow the sun to shine the next. Temperature fluctuate wildly from one day to the next, or even within the same day. The natural result of all of this is a pruning of the natural world. Whatever dead or unnecessary pieces of plants or trees that didn’t slough off during the warm spell in winter is now going to be blown off or washed away in some way.

Additionally, whenever the weather changes, either from cold to warm or warm to cool, I have this indescribable need to clean. I want to rearrange things and throw stuff out. I want to open up all the windows, wash everything and anything that will fit into the washing machine, redecorate or re-appropriate something in a new way.

My strongest urge, however, is the urge to create. This usually means starting something new or redesigning something I already have. This also usually means paint or needles, a sewing machine, or a hammer and nails or an electric drill and screwdrivers. Once I get started, I am hyper-focused on the project, completely consumed by it until it is completed…usually at the expense of eating or sleeping. At the end of the project, I am utterly exhausted, my body realizing for the first time what it’s been doing, but I’m completely exhilarated by the completion of this thing I have just created. I look around at the mess as a result of creating, and I don’t even mind cleaning it all up my adrenaline is running so high.

Today is this sort of day. So much has been happening energetically to create and configure a newly designed and upgraded reality that we might have felt as though we’ve been ignored or abandoned by our spiritual teachers, Guides, and Team. Our pleas for support, while heard, haven’t seemed to result in as much response as before, causing some to wonder if they’ve done something wrong and are being punished. What has actually been happening is this hyper-focused, driven, and obsessive activity…all for our benefit. Now, what’s left is the clean-up…the aftermath from the creative process.

Allow yourself to find that spot of joy in your Divine Line…that place of inspiration and fulfillment when you’re working on a project that brings out your creative passions. Amplify that feeling and radiate it out onto your energy fields, modeling it to your Body Deva. Then, let go and get out of the way of your Higher Self, your Guides, and your Team as they do the energetic Spring Cleaning in the Higher Realms…the cleaning up of all the dust, construction materials, unnecessary materials and left-overs from their project. It’s almost time for the reveal…just hold on for a little bit longer…stay centered, and in your joy. For as you move through the world, modeling this joy, you shift humanity.

And so it is.