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Today, several shifts will occur: dark to light (more daylight hours), Winter to Spring, Pisces to Aries, a new year according to the natural patterns, new portals will open and old ones will close. Old energies will leave with the closing portals, and faster, cleaner, higher vibrating energy will pour onto the planet with the opening of the new portals. Upgrades, downloads, and recalibration will be the order of the day…at the end of which we will finally begin to see the first evidences of the Winter Solstice (12-21-12) shift. In short, today is a potently, powerfully, energetically, swirly day.

Be careful operating machinery today. With everything swirling about, your sense of balance and orientation will be constantly shifting, providing ample opportunities for accidents.

Be careful operating relationships today. All the shifting energy will result in emotions changing just as quickly. Where one moment you might feel teary, in the next you could feel exasperated or elated to just as extreme a degree. Really listen to what people say today for their words will reveal some hidden truths that you’ve been missing. However, don’t make any plans or emotionally engage with anything anyone says to you today. Make a note of it, and check in with them in a couple of days to see if that reality still exists for them.

Be careful signing contracts or engaging in any business transactions that have long-term ramifications. What will seem appropriate in the morning, may no longer be relevant by the afternoon.

The key words for experiencing all that today has to offer are these: surrender, receive, detach, observe, stay present, breathe, allow, flow.

The potential for drama is quite high today…particularly with people who are not aware of their soul and Source connection within their Divine Lines. Because these people don’t understand what is happening, they may perceive of themselves as being victims and lash out in some extreme and dramatic way. They may also vehemently resist the change that is facing them…afraid of all the work that change will require of them.

You do not have to be one of these people. Resistance is the source of suffering…particularly when change is inevitable such as today. By surrendering, allowing, and flowing you release the need to control all that is happening around you. In reality, you can’t control it anyway so the sooner you can accept that and trust the Universe to guide you into your greatest happiness, the easier and faster it will find you. Once your need for control is released, you can then fully embrace and receive all that each moment has to offer you. Do this by staying present with your breath…in each moment…for each moment will be quite different…you don’t want to miss anything.

And finally, pull all your energy off everyone and everything and fully anchor it to your Divine Line. This will greatly reduce or eliminate any empathic sensitivity you may have for another’s journey or experience, allowing you to emotionally detach from everyone and everything around you…except for you. In this space, you can still experience peace and clarity despite the chaos swirling about you. From this place, simply observe all that is happening…what is crumbling, and what is being built. The more you observe from this place of energetic integrity, the clearer your path will become for you.

We are in deep gratitude to you for awakening, modeling right energy, shifting, growing, and evolving. We are in deep gratitude for all that you do…seen and unseen…for the effects are significant and valued greatly. We are in deep gratitude  to you for incarnating at this time, and participating in one of the greatest moments in history. As you go, so goes humanity.

And so it is.