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There are four systems of communication to and from the soul and body. The first is that of our spirit and soul which is electrical. This area spans from above the head to the bellybutton area. The second is that of the body which is magnetic. This area spans from the bellybutton area to below the feet.

Additionally, each Divine Line grounds into a particular place…both the Body Deva and our soul’s Divine Line ground but in two different places. Grounding is a way of both translating information from one dimension to another, but it’s also a way to connect with Source and remember our essence.

So, the third system of communication is the soul’s grounding mechanism from its Divine Line. This grounding happens on a galactic grid in your planet or ship of origin. You do not have to consciously know where this is in order to ground to it…simply ask your Higher Self to do it. When your soul grounds, information is exchanged…information from the sun, from earth, from the body, from mass consciousness, from anything you as a soul experience in any dimension. This information is passed on to your planet of origin as a way of collecting a library of information through your experience. In exchange, your planet of origin also gives you information that you need to support you in whatever situation you need assistance…provided that you ask. Most importantly, you receive reminders about who you really are, and where you’re really from, and that you are loved unconditionally.

The fourth system of communication is your Body Deva’s grounding mechanism from its Divine Line. This grounding happens in the heart of Earth, which is the body’s planet of origin. Your body knows how to do this…all you have to do is ask it to ground to its source. When it does, a similar exchange of information happens for your body. All the information you have shared as spirit is passed on to the consciousness of Earth, in addition to the information the body experiences. A library in the heart of Earth also exists, forming from the experiences of all the body devas that have existed throughout time. In this way, Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, can continue to learn how to best support the body in its incarnation…thus also supporting you as the rider spirit.

When downloads happen as a result of portals opening or energetic downloads (such as solar flares), the electrical/magnetic balance of the body/spirit experience can be thrown off. What this means is that the energetic downloads are electrical in nature, which means there is a large amount of energy that is backing up in your energetic fields and body. In order to receive these downloads with ease and grace, create a large space that has the capacity to easily receive them by deepening your grounding and increasing the body’s magnetics. This allows the information to not only be received easily, but also allows it to flow easily to the places it needs to go.

Downloads can be recognized as buzzing or high pitched sounds in the ears, a pressure on the top of the head or on the Third Eye, sudden and intense drowsiness or exhaustion, edginess or irritability over insignificant things, increased anxiety or shortness of breath without any medical or other explanation.

When you receive them, focus on grounding and invite your Body Deva to increase his/her magnetics to the point of balance. Then update all your energetic grids, your personality grids, your reference points, all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived. Remember to express gratitude for all the loving support and assistance from the Higher Realms in our spiritual evolutionary process, and then open to receive our gratitude for all that you do…seen and unseen…and for the courage you carry in your heart. For as you shift, grow, and evolve, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.