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As we move out of the retrograde motion of Mercury, we still have the shadow to pass through. The shadow is that space between the point of turning direct and emerging past the point where Mercury originally turned retrograde. So, while things will start to move forward again, there will still be moments of retrograde effects until April 7.

The intensity of Mercury’s retrograde action is definitely lessened as of yesterday, but not all is complete. What has completed is the undoing of all that no longer serves our greatest happiness…leaving us to feel a bit unraveled and disoriented.

Use this time, from now until the Equinox on March 20, to simply be. Embrace the Sacred Feminine practice of receiving and existing. During this time, your Higher Self, your Body Deva’s Higher Self, and your Team will be retrieving all the last pieces that have been given away or left behind. They will then reorganize them, restructuring your orientation in life, and re-creating your perspective as a result of all that has fallen away. This is not a time to actively DO…it is a time to actively BE…receiving, allowing, integrating, and anchoring the foundations on which you will build your future.

The Equinox will be the point when all that we have been creating in the Higher Realms will start to appear in this dimension…chunks at a time. It will be similar to huge sections of a puzzle that have been put together outside the context of the puzzle frame being put into their appropriate places and connecting them to each other for a unified whole. The bigger your grounding and magnetic cords, the easier these downloads will be for you.

In the spirit of this time, be conscious of your movements throughout your day. Try to focus on the feminine aspects of movement whenever possible…swimming, Yin Yoga, fluid dancing, floating in a boat, sitting or lying on the earth. Wear softer clothing (avoid power suits whenever possible during this time), sit in soft chairs or on pillows, surround yourself with gentleness…with words, actions, music, art, colors, textures, emotions…and avoid any situations that might be harsh or jarring. If you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, perhaps put it off until later this week. If you have to sign a contract, see if you can postpone it until later this week. Really focus on caring and nurturing yourself from now until the Equinox…supporting the work that is taking place in the Higher Realms.

Finally, focus your emotions on where you are headed. It is easy to fall into a depression or discouragement with all this shifting and changing and disorientation. Everything is new and different…nothing is familiar or comforting. Old patterns aren’t available any longer, and the stress and energy of creating new ones can be exhausting. In those moments, focus on the emotion of how it will feel when this construction is completed…when all you have worked so hard to manifest actualizes in this dimension. Feel that freedom, that support, that love, that abundance…fully and completely…radiating it out into your reality. For by experiencing it in this way, you are already experiencing the manifestation of your dreams.

And so it is.