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The final step in opening your heart is to remember that your purpose has now shifted…you are now a bearer of light, an illuminator, a lightworker.

What this means is that as you move through your life, with your heart open and radiating unconditional love, you affect those who come in contact with you…whether they like it or not.

I had a dream a few months ago where I was traveling to the train station in order to go somewhere. I had to travel through some dark areas, but I didn’t ever get lost because somehow there was always light with me. As I arrived at the train station, I entered on the lower level and took the stairs to the upper level. As I did so, all the lights turned on as I passed them until by the time I got to the top of the stairs all the lights in the entire train station were turned on. I looked around and noticed that there were already people in the train station, including workers, and I looked at them in puzzlement. I remember thinking, “Why is everyone sitting around in the dark?! Turn on some lights, people!” I then heard my companion say to me, “That’s why you’re here.”

I found it odd that this was my purpose…particularly when I noticed the reactions, or lack thereof, of the people in the train station. Most people didn’t even notice that lights had turned on all around them. A few who did didn’t really like it that much, squinting and asking for the lights to be turned down or off…which wasn’t possible, as no one who worked there knew how to do that. I remember wondering how long those lights would stay on after I left on the train. My companion said to me, “It doesn’t matter…just keep shining your light.”

So I pass that bit of wisdom on to you…It doesn’t matter…just keep shining your light. Your presence of an open heart will shine light into places that haven’t seen light in a very long time. Those who control those places will be less than pleased to be exposed, and may raise a bit of a stink. In those moments, remember that it doesn’t matter…just keep shining your light. Others’ responses to the light is their problem and involves lessons for them…not you. Your lesson is to shine, unwaveringly. Stay connected with yourself, love and nurture yourself, support and forgive yourself, and others can’t help but experience a shift because of you.

Congratulations! Your life now has a deeper purpose no matter what you choose to do with it. We are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do…seen and unseen…and for the courage you carry in your heart. For as you shift, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.