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The eighth step in opening the heart is to bring all other emotions under the regulation of the open heart space.

For so many years, we have been accustomed to letting our emotions rule our lives. When we experience anger, everything in our lives is filtered through that anger lens. The same is for infatuation, passion, fear, joy, contentment, and any other emotion one experiences. Our lives are then one massive roller-coaster ride as we rise and fall with our emotions, as though we have no control over experiencing them.

This is particularly true when we are triggered by something or someone. It could be the tiniest thing, like the way someone chews his/her food, but it will send us off into the crazy and illogical roller-coaster ride of reaction. And soon, we are so far down this path that we have absolutely no idea what we’re really reacting to because we have now created an allergic reaction to accompany any triggered reaction…meaning, all triggers go off when one goes off. There is a logic to this process, but it cannot be discovered by the mind…only the emotions…and only by tempering these reactions by the ruling emotion of unconditional love from an open heart.

Experiencing all the emotions is why we are here on this planet. Gaia is a water planet, with a satellite moon, which is also a water energy. Water and emotions are synonymous, energetically, so it is impossible to expect that we can experience a human life and not have to deal with emotions. So, the first step is to recognize that all emotions are necessary and useful and important. None are “good” or “bad,” they simply are a form of energy to be used in whatever way serves our greatest happiness best.

The messages around these emotions, however, are quite confusing and they are probably all tangled up with each other. As you spiritually evolve, the emotions will want to untangle because the old ways no longer serve your greatest happiness. When this happens, start by listening to the emotion that is ready to shift and discover the wisdom it has to share with you. Retrieve that wisdom you have spent lifetimes acquiring, dissolve karmic patterns, and then reorient that emotion to the ruling emotion of unconditional love.

This will take conscious practice over many months or years or your lifetime. It’s similar to learning a skill in music or in a sport…the more you practice, the better you will become. Gradually, as the emotions become ruled by unconditional love, you will experience a pause…a breath of space between the trigger and your reaction. In that space, you will see options. No longer are you a slave to a pre-programmed reaction and the inevitable responses with which you are so familiar. Now you can choose which path to take in your response to the trigger. You can explore other options and discover a more productive one that yields even greater happiness than before.

Eventually, as all emotions are ruled by the heart space and unconditional love, you will experience a world that is quite different from the one you once knew…simply because your perceptions have changed. And, as your perceptions change, your options then change which leads to new solutions to old situations. As you do this work, modeling it to others as you move through your life, others will shift to match you…without you even knowing it consciously…until there are enough people who see new options and new solutions to create a new world…a new consciousness…and new society…all ruled by unconditional love.

Rejoice…for as you shift, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.