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The seventh step in opening the heart is a form of protection.

Now that the heart has burst open, and you are filled with love from the inside out, the first thing you will probably want to do is give that love away. Because you are in such a blissful state, you probably won’t even care to whom you give that love…there’s so much of it that you just give it to the next person you meet.

This is great and it affects and benefits a lot of people in your path. It also is great because it will attract all kinds of people to you…from all walks of life, and all paths and points in spiritual development. No one is immune to the power of a full and abundant heart. But what happens when people start coming to you demanding more of that happy juice…people who have no idea how to do this for themselves, and may not be interested in learning. What happens when eventually there are more people asking for your love than you can supply? If you feel obligated or responsible for providing this love to them, you become depleted, and BAM! the heart shuts down again. After a time, you may be willing to repeat the process, and you do. Then you get to this point of bliss and it all cycles all over again.

Remember your shield? Put it up. And keep it up.

Remember how you filled your energy fields with just you? Keep doing that. Don’t allow any one else’s energy into your sacred space.

Now, look at all the love that you have fed yourself…to the point of bursting open and flowing over and out. How much extra do you really have? Honestly? None. That overflowing love is for you! You did the work…you cultivated the space and nurtured yourself. Why does that then mean that others can take it or even should have any of what you’ve created for you? Are you so strong and powerful that only you can support and provide this love for others? Are others so weak and incapable that they cannot do the same for themselves? Of course not!

So, move yourself back into energetic integrity by pulling all your energy off others and back to your Divine Line…including your love energy and other good juju juice. Return all pieces and responsibilities back to their right and perfect place, where they have the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. Update all reference points, personality grids, all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived.

Now, go into your Divine Line. Find that source spring of love within the Divine Line. Let it fill you up fully and completely until you are buzzing from head to toe with love. Yes, there is more there, but it’s for you. Don’t give it away.

Reflect it.

You could imagine turning your Divine Line into a mirror, or turning your love into an oscillating beam of love light similar to a lighthouse. Whatever it is you need to do to imagine a reflection radiating out from your Divine Line, do it. Once you figure out this mechanism, always keeping the actual love and the source of the love safe within your sacred space, start reflecting it out on to the world. You can reflect it onto money to heal any challenging relationships you may have with money, you can reflect it on your car or other machinery or electronics to start their energy fields to also hold more love, you can reflect it on to your relationships so that they start receiving, giving, modeling more co-creative love…the possibilities are endless.

When others come to you, wanting this yummy love stuff that you seem to have so much of, reflect it to them. By doing this, you stay in energetic integrity AND you are showing others how to do this for themselves. By showing others how to do it for themselves, you stay out of spiritual arrogance (only I can do this for you), and you empower others to do for themselves, which is really what they want…they’re just trying to get information from you on how to do this. In this energetic stance, you have just created a win-win for everyone, which is what co-creation is all about.

Keep in mind that many people will have no idea that they are seeking information from you…that they really do want to be empowered at a soul level. Most people are so comfortable with others doing things to them and for them that they will actually be unhappy with you for not continuing that pattern with them. Some might actually spew some rather nasty and hurtful words. If they do, just keep loving yourself…showing this person how to do it for him/herself…and then move on. You’ve just given that person some information by modeling right energy to him/her, and you’ve kept your own sacred space in tact.

Now you’re ready to be incognito…living a 5th dimensional reality within the 3rd dimension. What this means is that as you move through your daily life, every breath is an opportunity to model right energy…to the planet, to people, to the animal kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to whomever needs the information. You don’t have to say a word…in fact, for a while it’s probably best if you don’t say anything to anyone for they won’t understand a word you say. But they’ll feel you, and feel that you are different…simply in how you walk past someone on the sidewalk, or drive past someone on the freeway. Use these moments as opportunities to teach…to model self-love and energetic integrity and personal responsibility. In this way, your shifts heal the world…and the Universe.

And so it is.