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The sixth step in opening the heart is to fully and completely attach to your self and your Divine Line.

Think back on all those beliefs and habits that came up around love…who is responsible for loving you, who you are responsible for loving, what love is, what someone will do for you if he/she loves you, what you will do for someone if you love him/her…etc. Feel into the attachment that accompanies those beliefs…that connection that exists because you put your energy outside of yourself and on to another person. Then feel the want that is present because you are seeking to fulfill a need outside of yourself through another person…the want for that person to do what you want him/her to do.

Now…lift all of that attachment and energy up and off of that person or that situation or that responsibility, and bring its intensity into your Divine Line…for you. Whatever responsibility you felt to love a parent who continually mistreated you, feel that same depth of responsibility for loving yourself. Whatever responsibility you felt for loving a partner because of a vow and a piece of paper, feel that same depth of responsibility for loving yourself. Whatever responsibility you feel another should do to demonstrate his/her love for you, feel that same depth of responsibility for demonstrating that love to yourself.

And now you’re tapping into one of the deepest mysteries of all…that of meeting your own needs from within. Everyone has needs…they demonstrate the existence of an emotional nature. If I’m afraid to go meet new people, that demonstrates a need for safety. If I can go within and find that place of pure safety in my Divine Line, and reference my needs for safety to be met there rather than externally, now I can meet anyone and not be afraid.

When it comes to the heart space, what are your needs? When you feel loved, what needs are met for you?  When you don’t feel loved, what needs are not being met for you and where are you expecting them to be met? A good beginning list for these needs can be found here. Rather than looking for your needs to be met outside of your Divine Line, locate the solution IN your Divine Line. Feel it there…fully and completely. And then watch as your need is met in a short period of time, allowing you the energy and freedom to go and do as you wish.

And then remember that you are not your body. Your body has a separate consciousness from your spirit. Therefore, when you love your self, you are loving only your Divine Line and the light essence that exists in that tube of light. That’s it. You are not responsible for loving your body. That’s your body’s responsibility, and only your body’s responsibility. It is not your lover’s or spouse’s or boyfriend or girlfriend’s responsibility to love your body…only your body’s. The more you love your light in your Divine Line, the more you model to your body how to love his/herself.

After a few months of loving your self and committing and attaching to your Divine Line, you will notice an interesting shift…you are beginning to realize that you don’t need to look outside of yourself for anything. Your desire for drama and co-dependent relationships are waning drastically, and holding your boundaries from a place of love is becoming easier and easier…because you are first loving your essence and your light. It feels so good to be in that space of peace and joy and love, that you don’t want to allow anyone or anything into that space to mess it up…even if others try to force themselves into this beautiful, protected space.

Others may react strongly to this change in you…this not letting others into your sacred inner space of peace and love, and this is just fine. You may need to walk away from relationships with those people, but remember that by modeling self-love, you are now giving those people permission to also love themselves. They may not have enough pieces to make any kind of change for quite a while (many lifetimes), but that doesn’t matter. Stay on your path, love yourself, and attach to yourself…to the degree and stronger that you were doing for others and on others.

Then, you will soon find yourself surrounded by others who also love themselves and are attached to their journeys. Because you don’t need anything from each other, you are free to engage with each other in collaborative and appreciating ways…in other words, co-creation. Your relationships will be deeper and richer, more full of love and acceptance and fun and freedom because rather than being built on an energy of grasping and clinging and needing and wanting, they are built on a foundation of fullness from within.

And when the heart is full, it bursts open, alive with a magnificent beauty that is unique to only you.

When the heart is full, it leaks. It doesn’t just ooze out, it flows out, flooding the world around you with your abundance of love and joy and peace and radiance.

When the heart is full, it is a magnet…drawing people to you in the most magical and synchronistic of ways.

When the heart is full, miracles happen…mountains move…your dreams manifest.

When the heart is full, peace reigns.

And so it is.