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by Catherine Morgan

by Catherine J. Morgan

The third step in opening the heart is to retrieve your pieces.

Just like when others leave pieces with you, you leave pieces with others…every time you have an emotional encounter with someone. Remember, emotions are tricky things, and you may not even be aware that it was an emotional encounter…particularly if your heart space is frozen and shut down. Every time you are angry or frustrated or feel safe or have sex with someone, you experience an emotion that is tied to that person. Interestingly, these pieces don’t even have to be limited to the person directly involved in the encounter…it can also involve any witnesses to the encounter. They too have pieces of you.

Even if you clear out your energetic heart space of everyone and everything that doesn’t belong to you or no longer participating in your greatest happiness, keeping your pieces on others can still cause significant amounts of pain. By keeping your pieces on another, you are allowing yourself to feel what that person is feeling, and experiencing what that person is experiencing. However, there are a few challenges with this:

  1. You can’t change how another person is feeling just so that you can feel better. So as long as your pieces are with another person, and that person is unhappy or filled with drama, you will feel all of it and are powerless to change it.
  2. How another person feels or what that person experiences is his/her journey…not yours. By putting your pieces on another person you are essentially reading his/her diary or emails without his/her permission. What that person needs to experience is only for that person in order for that person to learn those lessons. You have your own experiences to experience and lessons to learn.
  3. As long as you feel what belongs to another, you will always be confused as to what belongs to you and how you feel. This will lead to attempting to find solutions outside of yourself rather than internally where the best solutions for you exist.
  4. Even though it might feel safe and wonderful and familiar, keeping your pieces on others in order to feel energetically connected to those people is a pattern that supports co-dependence. In order for win-win situations to occur, everyone must be in an energetic space that is clearly just theirs, which supports personal power and personal responsibility. Only with this pattern can co-creation occur.

We invite you to take a few deep breaths into your belly. We invite you to gather all of your energy and awareness out of the future, and out of the past into this present breath of now. We call forth the Ascended Masters, your guides, you from the future as an Ascended Master to gather now in this safe and sacred space around you. We invite your Higher Self, your body deva’s Higher Self to actively connect and engage with your own healing source, your own spiritual power, to connect with all aspects of your being. We call forth the appropriate sacred geometric healing holograms and mandalas that have the capacity to support you from a place of compassion, tenderness, gentleness, clarity, discernment, balance, empowerment, non-reactivity, personal responsibility, inner trust, inner control, self-love, the consciousness of abundance, protection, grace, ease and integrity. We invite your body deva and your team to do the same.

We invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields, the guides, and Gaia to energetically locate all pieces from your heart that you have left with others, with relationships, with children, with parents, with institutions, with places, with religions, with events, in all dimensions and all lifetimes. We invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to hold a space of compassion, tenderness, and gentleness for the tender and painful places of the heart. We invite your Higher Self to nurture you in those moments in the highest and best way for your deepest healing and greatest happiness. We invite your heart space to be gently cleansed and repaired, removing anything that will prevent your pieces from returning to you. We invite you at the level of your Higher Self to gently lift all those pieces up and off all people, places, events, and institutions in all lifetimes and all dimensions, bringing them back to your Divine Line at the level of your Higher Self…cleansed, cleaned and recalibrated for this present breath of now. We invite your body deva and your team to do the same.

We invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields, the guides, and Gaia to bring in the appropriate templates, maps, and thought-forms for integrating these pieces. We invite these templates, maps, and thought-forms to be infused with your greatest potential, your greatest happiness, and your life’s purpose, inviting the returned and remaining pieces to reconfigure and align to these highest intentions. We invite you body deva and your team to do the same.

We ask that all reference points, all energy grids, personality grids, all ways of perceiving and being perceived in the world are updated. We ask that you are wrapped in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing these vibrations in to whatever degree is appropriate to your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to the angelic realm for serving and assisting in every breath and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do in all realms and all dimensions, seen and unseen, and for the courage you carry in your heart…for as you shift, heal, and evolve, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.