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The next step in keeping the heart open is to clear it. Every time you connect with someone on an emotional level, not only do you leave a part of yourself with that person, but that person also leaves behind a part of him/herself. Bear in mind that there are many emotions. So, just because you didn’t feel a love connection with someone doesn’t mean there aren’t pieces left.

What this also means is that anything you felt as a child has left something in your heart space…including family drama, familial belief systems, familial patterns, and any coping mechanisms that you created during that time. You may, in fact, still be using these coping mechanisms, which are most likely based on incomplete data and immature reasoning. Finally, if you are at all sensitive to the energies around you, you don’t even have to know someone to pick up baggage from him/her. If your heart is unprotected and you experience an emotion, those same emotions in others will be attracted to you and glom on.

Again, shutting down the heart space doesn’t help. What it does is trap all of this energy inside of you…energy that isn’t you and doesn’t belong to you. The tighter you close down, the more stiff and compacted and frozen this energy becomes until you’re just one big mass of frozenness…unable to feel at all, and afraid to even look at it because there’s so much there.

When you put a shield around your energetic and physical bodies, you create a zone of safety where no one can get in or out without your permission. As you gradually relax into that safety, stuff will come up…stuff that you have held in your heart space. Don’t be afraid of it…it’s loosening so that it can be released from your energetic fields. First, hold a space of compassion for yourself, along with unconditional love…nurturing and loving yourself in this space that has held pain for so long. Then, collect the wisdom that was held in that encounter, for that is the reason you have held on to this energy. Once you collect the wisdom, send the energy out of your fields, back to its right and perfect place, where it has the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. This will be a life-long process, so don’t feel as though you have to achieve a level where nothing comes up…I’m not sure anyone experiences that.

Once you have released information, update all your reference points, all personality grids, templates, and energetic grids…all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived. We are in deep gratitude to the angelic realm for serving and assisting in every breath, and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for all that you do, seen and unseen, and for the courage you hold in your heart. For as you shift, you shift the Universe.

And so it is.