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3d iron-clad heart

With the challenges of last week, letting go of old ways and the remnant connections that no longer serve our greatest happiness, there is quite a swirl of energy that has resulted…similar to a dam bursting. All kinds of debris is floating around us…some of of it belongs to us, most of it doesn’t. And yet we’re feeling it all.

There is much wisdom in this time, and much in the Universe that is supporting us as we move forward. We are in the year of the Water Snake, as well as in the astrological sign Pisces. We’re moving from a full to a new moon (also water energy) and we live on a water planet. Water represents emotions, so if there are unbidden tears, or unexpected intense emotions, trust that these are all part of this time in order to cleanse and purge.

In the springtime, water flows in order to flush away the old, nourish the seeds that have not yet sprouted, and bring nutrients to support the growth that is to come. It isn’t a pretty time of year at first…mostly rain and slush and mud and lots of turbulence with temperatures. If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, the ground demonstrates this turbulence with rocks getting pushed to the surface, roads sprouting holes overnight, and sidewalks buckling with the expansion and contraction of the temperatures.

When this happens with our emotions, it can get overwhelming…particularly when it’s intense for a long period of time (more than half a day). An easy thing to do is to shut down and detach from all emotion because you need a break. This could be done through alcoholic or drug substances, food, partying, a hectic schedule, incessant talking, watching t.v., reading, taking classes…anything that keeps you distracted from the emotions that need your attention. After all, there could be a belief that you will be exposing a weakness if you allow emotions to show. So doing any or all of these things is a matter of staying strong and coping through the challenges rather than falling apart. In fact, there could be a belief that such coping strategies are points of pride…I am a strong person because I do not show emotion, and I am proud of that. Similarly, there could be a belief that those who show emotion are weaklings and should be punished or ridiculed, or at the very least looked down upon because only those without emotion are strong.

I invite you to reconsider this stance of pride in no emotion.

As one who once held that same conviction, the consideration of a different perspective was one at which I scoffed for quite some time. It took falling in love with someone who was in too much pain to return the love to teach me this strength…the practice of keeping my wanting heart open through my pain in order to support and unconditionally love another. That was the single most difficult thing I have ever had to do, and I can honestly say that feeling my emotions and keeping my heart open despite their raw intensity takes way more strength than just shutting down.

If you choose to practice keeping your heart open in the face of swirling emotions, begin by creating an energetically safe space for yourself. It is not wise to keep the heart open in order to be banged up by anyone or anything that is swirling about or lashing out. If you do not protect yourself, you will simply subject your raw self to all sorts of extreme swings of emotions which will only make things worse. Ask Archangel Michael to teach you how to create an energetic cocoon of protection around all layers of your body, and pull your energy into your Divine Line. I often think of my protection as an egg-like structure that extends 1′ above my head and 1′ below my feet, and up to 8′ around my body.

Create any kind of protective shell on the outside of the cocoon. When I began shielding myself, I imagined thick steel beams as ribs crisscrossing the entire egg-like structure, with steel sheets riveted on the outside of the ribs. Then I placed a magnetic field that repelled all other energy except high frequency energy of unconditional love. I had to build that structure many times a day, often reinforcing it any time a challenging person or situation arose. Over time (3 years), my imagination has softened to an elastic shield of Mother-of-Pearl through which I can see. It is no less strong or less protective…simply that my needs have shifted over time, as yours will.

As you move through today, practice shielding yourself whenever you feel the urge to shut down your heart. If you don’t think of it until afterwards, shield then, and practice opening your heart again within the safety of the cocoon. Pay attention to whatever thoughts and emotions arise with this practice, as they will be keys to some important beliefs that may be ready to transform. Listen, go within, and practice. Tomorrow, will be step two.

Wishing you a space of peace, protection, safety, and support.

And so it is.