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When I felt into the energy for today, I felt a blank…like nothing was there…or at least not where I have looked previously. I looked and searched for a bit, and then I heard one of my favorite pieces…then the words “There, there,” as I felt a stroking of my hair and arms around me. As I slowly relaxed, the rest of the message came through.

When so much is changing around you, it can be easy to get frazzled…anxious…worried…stuck. Each person has his/her own limits as to how long he/she can handle the chaos before completely dissolving into tears from exhaustion in trying to keep up. When this happens, listen to this piece, and feel our loving arms around you…holding you as a mother holds her baby. Feel us stroking your head, your cheek, your back…like a mother soothing and comforting her sobbing child. Relax and surrender to our support, trusting that all is well. As soon as you can let go of the control you think you have in your life, we will be able to guide you in the direction of your greatest happiness. Allow yourself to receive and remember…you are infinitely loved.

And so it is.