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As we approach Mercury Retrograde, several things are happening at once. This energy feels like a massive washing cycle in the clothes washer. I’m getting swirled and twirled first one way then the other…up and down and this way and that way and endless combinations of them all. Just when I find balance and a point of centeredness, I get thrown off again. All the debris that surrounds me is at first confusing because I think I need to engage with it…all the emotions that I thought I had dealt with…old memories I had forgotten…hidden pain and anger and hurt. Then when I realize I’m being washed and these things are being lifted up and out of my fields, it’s still hard not to engage with them because they’re just everywhere…just swirling about, bumping into me, as I too swirl about.

This image of a washing machine is actually perfect for this point in time. For those who express themselves in multiple dimensions, you might feel exhausted, drained, and tired all the time, as though you are in need of a vacation. And…you are. That’s what Mercury Retrograde is…a vacation for you in the other dimensions. It’s not a time to create anything…it’s a time to complete things, slow down, relax, and rejuvenate.

Yet…that vacation doesn’t begin until Saturday. So, right now, you’re preparing for vacation. For me, that means cleaning up my office at work, finishing up my short-term projects, leaving information for my boss and/or co-workers should anything come up while I am away, making the necessary phone calls to colleagues, setting the work email to let people know I’m away, and still doing the regular tasks of the job. At home, it means cleaning the house, filing anything that hasn’t gotten filed yet, dusting the house, cleaning the kitchen, eating up what’s in the fridge, making sure all the bills are paid, making arrangements for pet and plant care, checking on the car to be sure it’s full of gas and oil and other liquids, confirming reservations, getting money and travel documents, packing…and doing laundry.

So, not only are you experiencing the energy of hectic preparation, you’re also experiencing the cleansing and purging of the wash cycle so that you’ll be squeaky clean in time for vacation. Here’s how to not only survive it, but to surrender gracefully to the cleanse, and enjoy the ride.

Invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields, the guides, High Fairies, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Mercury, to energetically locate all energy that you have placed outside of your self and out of this present breath of now. We invite them to gently assist your Higher Self in lifting and retrieving all of that energy back to you, cleaning it, clearing it, and recalibrating it for this present breath of now, and the energy of Mercury. We invite your body deva and team to do the same.

We invite them and your team to model how to pull all your energy into your Divine Line…same for your body deva. Then we invite you to imagine sealing your Divine Line tightly against the front of your body’s spine. Examine it vertebra by vertebra…like you would examine a piece of evidence in a forensics lab. When you get to the hip area, be sure to tuck under to the Sacrum, curving down to the Coccyx. This is vitally important, for this is your seatbelt. This is where your soul sits and anchors into the body. The more anchored you are in this area, the smoother this ride will be. Other side-effects of this anchoring will be to revitalize the body, slowing aging, and increasing manifestations in this dimension.

Once you are fully sealed and anchored in, tie off the Divine Line tightly to the Coccyx. Settle in to your seat…much like settling in for a good movie in the theatre…and imagine strapping yourself in. Then, let go. “Look” to see all the places where you are holding on to something…an expectation, an outcome, a desire, a person, a job, a home, children, pets. Then consciously choose to release your grip on those things. In this energy, the more you hold on to something, the more it will swing you about in wild and crazy ways. If you can just let go and sit snugly in your Divine Line on the seat of the spine, you can just body surf and have fun. 🙂

As others around you respond in less than delightful ways to this heavy washing process, avoid getting involved in their drama. The best way you can help them is by modeling your fabulous body surfing skills. Set up a protective shield of energy (Archangel Michael can help with this), and just keep living your life in joy. Others will either shift or move away from you. Whichever it is, never stop flowing, riding the wave, surrendering to the cleanse.

We invite you at the level of your Higher Self to update all reference points, all personality grids and templates, all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived in the world. We wrap you in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate to your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to the Higher Realms, Mercury, and the High Fairies for serving and assisting us in every breath and every way. We are in deep gratitude to you for the courage you carry in your heart, for all you do simply by existing. For as you move about in the world, you shift humanity.

And so it is.