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Russia Meteorite

The last few days have been filled with some amazing events, incredible photographs, and film clips of meteorites. However, don’t think that just because you weren’t in Russia or Cuba or San Francisco you missed out on the entire event…because you haven’t. These meteorites, while usually falling in the ocean away from our awareness, fell near people who could document the event. So, from my perspective, these events have significance.

In order for a meteorite to hit the earth, it has to be large enough to survive burning through several layers of atmosphere. By the time it hits soil, most of it has burned away, leaving a searingly hot core. The trail of the meteorite acts as dynamite in a clogged river…creating a hole so that the dammed up water can begin to flow again, flushing the debris away. This trail also holds a higher frequency of energy…energy that has come from outside our planet. This energy comes from the pieces of the meteorite itself and remains in all fragments as they break off from the original. This energy serves in raising the vibrational frequency of the planet and life forms on the planet…which means that the status quo will be disturbed.

The body gets a bit disoriented with such large shifts, so dizziness or vertigo, or migraines can easily happen. Other symptoms might be anxiety, panic, lots of energy but no idea what to do with it, insomnia, inability to mentally track a conversation or remember routine things. Irritability can run high, as can impatience and intolerance.

Over time, however, the energy will stop swirling and rolling about, and will eventually integrate into the planet and life on the planet…humans, plants, and animals. Those closest to the meteorites will experience the most dramatic effects, but there is another area that will also experience massive shifts over the next several months. When you draw a line to connect the points where these meteorites fell and/or were seen, an obtuse triangle forms. The area within those three points contains a vast number of people, and a significant portion of the Western World. This area will see some rather dramatic shifts. As light pours into those areas, former practices of corruption, deceit, greed, control, and manipulation will be exposed…more than already has been happening. When these things happen, rejoice for it means we’re moving in the right direction. Then spend some time in your Divine Line to find out what response is appropriate for you…not a reaction, a response…controlled, thoughtful, compassionate.

The areas just outside the triangle will receive an overflow of the shifting energy, also requiring those people, plants, and animals to respond in some way. Potentially, this overflowing upheaval will be a bit more murky, for it will be as a result of the area inside the triangle. Envision it in terms of a swollen river. Once a clogged river starts flowing again, the debris starts to flow down river, catching on other things on the sides of the river, and creating all kinds of additional snarls and smaller clogs before washing away. Only when the debris from up river has fully flushed away can the lower river begin to clean up as well.

Finally, when looking at this obtuse triangle, it seems to point toward the East. The meteorites fell from East to West, each of them providing momentum to the previous one. Thus, the San Francisco area meteorite added energy to the Cuban one, which added energy to the Russian one, sending it all on to Asia. The impact in Asia will also be significant, but much more gentle…drifting slowly down from the North to the South and subtly integrating into the mass consciousness. Changes there won’t be seen until July 2013, but probably won’t show up in the international news until the latter part of the year.

In the meantime, if your body needs some assistance in adjusting to these abrupt changes, try the following protocol:

We invite you to connect with your Higher Self, your body deva to connect with its Higher Self, and your team to connect with their Higher Selves. We invite the guides and Archangels Michael, Raphael, Nathaniel, Azrael, and Metatron, and Ganesh the Remover of Obstacles to participate in this sacred space. We invite the appropriate sacred geometric shapes to be woven around you, infused with mandalas, colors, sounds, words, thought forms, and emotions, that are appropriate for you at this time. We invite your essence to be beamed down to you in this dimension…same for your body deva and your team. We invite you, at the level of your Higher Self to ground into your appropriate galactic grids, your body deva into the compassionate and abundant heart of Gaia, and your team to their appropriate galactic grids. We invite your Divine Line to snuggle up to the spine, repairing all places where communication with your body has been interrupted.

We invite your Higher Self and your body deva’s Higher Self to work with the energetic fields and the guides to locate all places where your cerebral-spinal fluid is out of balance and to gently bring it into balance. We invite your Higher Self and your body deva’s Higher Self to work with the energetic fields and the guides to locate all areas of calcification in and around the ears, skull, pineal gland, and any other mechanisms used for hearing and balance. We invite those areas of calcification to gently dissolve, cleansing, clearing, and recalibrating to the present breath of now. We invite you at the level of your Higher Self and your body deva’s Higher Self to locate all points of orientation in all dimensions and all lifetimes, recalibrating them and reorienting you to the appropriate reference point in the higher realms.

We ask that all reference points, all personality grids, all ways of perceiving and being perceived in the world to be updated. We wrap you in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. We are in deep gratitude to the angelic realm for serving and assisting in every breath and in every way. We are in deep gratitude to you, for the courage you carry in your heart, for all you do in this world and in other worlds…seen and unseen. For as you shift, heal, and transform, humanity shifts with you.

And so it is.