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by Gysela Gervais

As we move further into the shadow of Mercury and closer to his retrograde, we enter into a slower, quieter energy this weekend. Use this time to breathe deeply and connect with Nature…Mother Earth…Gaia.

Your body is not as evolved as your soul is…which is one of the reasons your soul was invited to be here on Earth in this dimension…to assist in the body’s evolution. Because this dimension is so dense, things take a while to shift…including the body. As higher frequency energy pours onto the planet causing shifts, the body can easily become overwhelmed. Migraines, sleepiness, exhaustion, irritability  impatience, impulsivity, hunger, and illness are all ways that the body uses…ways in which the body slows down in order for the new energy to integrate.

If you are consciously aware of what is happening, you can take proactive steps to support your body in its evolution. Such things might be to take a bath…Epsom salts or bubble…whichever suits your fancy; massage; dancing; yoga; running; swimming; hoola-hooping; bicycling; walking; hiking; gardening; time with animals; singing; a hair cut; clothes shopping; hugs; snuggling; sex; drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables; avoiding caffeine and alcohol; drinking coconut water; taking a Vitamin B liquid complex; taking digestive enzymes; taking probiotics; watching funny movies; reading cozy or funny books; lying on the earth; hugging a tree…whatever gets you into your body and experiencing all of your senses in a light and uplifting way.

The greatest benefits will be to eat in-season, locally grown, organic, non-GMO food, and to spend as much time outside as possible. The reason for this is that nature is in harmony with the shifts. By eating fresh food, you are not only providing the best nutrients for your body, you are also providing the latest energetic information from the planet…similar to reading the latest press releases. Additionally, many in the animal kingdom are here specifically to assist humanity in evolving, so pay attention to the animals who come to you this weekend…either in dreams or in your waking life…and listen to the messages they bring to you. If you aren’t certain, ask…or research…or ask someone who has researched. As you tune into your body and listen to its wisdom, allow all of nature, the energy of Gaia, and the body deva to teach you how to support the body’s evolution…for by doing so, you will assist your body in moving into greater degrees of alignment with its purpose…which is to also support you in your life’s purpose.

Wishing you a pleasant, and restful weekend.

And so it is.