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This is how I felt today…running to eat, running to get tea, running to the Farmer’s Market, running from the Farmer’s Market, running back home, running to fix dinner, rushing to eat dinner.

Every once in a while I would catch myself rushing about and try to slow down, but after a bit, I would be at it again. Finally, I realized I was energetically feeling time speed bumps…speed up, then slow down, then speed up, then slow down. I realized then that I needed to bring all my attention into the present breath of now…allowing scheduling to happen naturally in the flow of the now rather than forcing the issue.

As time shifts, collapses, folds, speeds up, and slows down over the next few weeks, it will be easy to get lost energetically. We may be trying to shift something that isn’t ours, we may be holding awareness in a lower frequency realm, or we may be spreading ourselves into the past and the present simultaneously. All of these things can lead to a sense of restlessness, depression, anxiety, a sense of urgency, shallow breathing, racing heart rate, and vast amounts of impatience. One of my favorite protocols is as follows:

Take a few deep breaths into your belly. Connect with your Higher Self, and invite your body deva and team to do the same. Connect with your own spiritual source, your own healing power. Invite your body deva and your team to do the same. Invite Divinity to create a safe and sacred space for this protocol, activating the appropriate sacred geometric shapes, healing holograms, mandalas, sounds, and light. Then pull yourself into your Divine Line…pulling all your energy into that line of light that sits on the front of your spine. As you deepen your breathing, count to four on the inhale, hold for one, then count to four on the exhale, hold for one. Fully fill and expel the lungs. Then, once the rhythm has been set, pull all your energy out of the future and into the present breath of now on the inhale…pulling all your energy out of the past and into the present breath of now on the exhale. Once completed, pull all your energy out of the lower frequencies on the inhale, and release energies that are not yours on the exhale. You may feel a swirly sensation…that’s just your energy coming back to you.

Finally, invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields and the guides, to re-calibrate and reorient your timing mechanisms for this present breath of now. Invite your body deva and team to do the same. When it is complete, you will find yourself in a place of stillness…centered and clear. Invite your Higher Self to update all reference points, all personality grids, all ways of being, perceiving, and being perceived in the world. Allow Divinity to wrap you in sheets of rainbow light…gently sealing in these vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Express gratitude for the angelic beings that served and assisted in the sacred session, and then open the heart to receive their gratitude for you…for the courage you carry in your heart to shift, grow, and evolve. For as you do, you shift humanity.

And so it is.