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Today, while still in the New Moon energy, we experience a vast period of nothingness…no movement, utter silence, and empty darkness. This energy supports the connection to and creation with the Black Goddess…because it is Her energy.

The Black Goddess has nothing to do with ethnicity or being politically correct. She is not a modern construct…the Black Goddess is an image that can be found in some of the most ancient of cathedrals and places of worship around the world. She is, in fact, an aspect of the Sacred Feminine…usually identified as the dark side of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. As such, the Black Goddess is not the antithesis of wisdom…rather She is the expression of wisdom…the physical to the mental…the action to the thought…the being to the idea.

The Black Goddess is elusive. One may seek Her out, only to be left with nothing but disappointment. This is because the Black Goddess is perceived as being something of substance…seekers are looking for something or Someone to cling to, and what they find instead is themselves. This is the true essence of the Black Goddess…revealing Herself in silence and stillness in the darkest, innermost places of our soul. She is not to be found “out there” for She exists within. She is the Creator extraordinaire, simultaneously unflinchingly honest and unconditionally supportive. She is vast and expansive…unable to be touched, only experienced. And the greatest experience, by which She teaches best, is by fully surrendering to her consuming emptiness.

This is the energy of today…of New Moon…the vast stillness from which all life springs. Rather than seeking wisdom in the outer world, pull all of your energy into your Divine Line and sit in silence…simply being. Resist the urge to mentally engage with any thoughts…just exist…breathe. Relax, release, and surrender to the darkness within…those places that have seemed formidable and terrifying. Breathe through the fear, settling into the stillness…gradually becoming aware of the profound support of the Black Goddess…ultimately connecting with Her endless wisdom. Sit with Her until she gives you the wisdom you seek. You may not consciously know what it is you seek until you receive Her gift. As you do, express gratitude, releasing any potential for arrogance and ego. Then Sophia will appear, gently escorting you back to the light…profoundly changed, altered, transformed…more fully whole.

And so it is.