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new moon

Although the New Moon isn’t technically until February 10, 2013, some people will begin to feel the effects of it today, which will last until Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

This New Moon is in Aquarius, which is a water sign. Both water and the moon are considered feminine energies, and they also represent the emotional aspects of humanity. This is not to say that women are more emotional than men…rather that women are usually more aware of their emotions. Because of this familiarity, women are often more able to also identify the layers of a presenting emotion, leading them down a dark path into the depths of their souls. If one is not too afraid to take this journey, there is much to be gained from it, for often patterns of emotional reactions or thoughts or stories reveal themselves as illusionary, offering the person the opportunity to change it.

This New Moon is also charged because of the assignation of the Chinese New Year. This year is symbolized by the Water Snake. Again, water represents the feminine and the darker, deeper experiences through emotions. Snake alone represents fire. Combined, this could be a tricky year learning how to balance the two elements so both can co-exist. It can also provide opportunity for the light of the fire to illuminate the deeper aspects of the emotional life for everyone.

Chinese New Year is a time for families to gather together in China. No matter where a person works, he/she travels home to be with family for the holiday, so don’t be surprised if the rest of the planet responds in kind. Spending time with those you love will be very supported this weekend. Because China is celebrating a holiday, chances are that familial gatherings will be more celebratory in nature, featuring reunions and avoiding the pitfalls of confrontation and agitation that can often accompany such events.

Another interesting feature of this New Moon is that no planets are retrograde. Retrograde means that a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky from our perspective. This is an illusion, but the energies of retrograde motion does affect us, so it’s interesting to note that there are none at present. Mercury is slowing down and is entering its shadow before turning retrograde on the 23rd, but it shouldn’t affect this New Moon significantly.

What this means is that whatever emotions arise during the weekend, one can safely take them at face value…there won’t be any hidden agendas or messages. Whatever does come up this weekend, trust that this is a time for healing…not for rehashing or re-injuring self or another. It’s about seeing through the illusions around a story attached to that emotion, adjusting the perspective, and letting it all go…fully and completely. This won’t be as difficult as one might imagine. It will be similar to stumbling about in a dark room until someone turns a light on. In that moment, there is complete understanding which leads to release.

As with all New Moons, this is a time for setting intentions…not just for the month, but for the next three years. Really feel into the emotion of your future and what you wish to create. You don’t have to know what it looks like or how it will happen…just feel it. Identify the emotions that accompany the fulfillment of that dream, and write them down on a yellow piece of paper with red ink. You can burn it and bury the ashes in your garden, or somewhere where plants will grow, blossom and flourish, or you can place it on your vision board or an altar of intentions. Be sure to place it somewhere where you can see it each day so that when you see it, you are reminded to feel the feelings of your future…thereby attracting them to you.

As an added bonus, invite yourself, three years into the future, to come back to you in this time of transition to aid you in dreaming and activating your dream. This can happen both through meditation and intention setting as well as during dream time. So, pay attention to all the little “aha!” moments and your dreams during this weekend. Write them down, even if they don’t make any sense to you in the moment…they will.

Finally, create a reminder for yourself three years in the future to come back to you in the now. This is important to do, for it will help you understand why you will have less energy for manifesting and creating three years from now. It will also provide you the opportunity to stop, look back at all that you created and manifested, celebrate your success, and express gratitude…not only to yourself, but for anyone who participated in this success, whether or not he/she is in human form.

Wishing you a blessed New Moon

And so it is.