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Today’s date is the number 6. Six is a number which continually fascinates me. It’s divisible by both 2 and 3 and yet is an even number. All multiples of 6 are even numbers, and yet all multiples of 6 are divisible by both 2 and 3…both odd and even. This is a beautiful mystery to me.

This mystery is wonderfully illustrated and explained in sacred geometry. In sacred geometry, the six-pointed polygon is constructed by overlaying two equilateral triangles…one upright and one inverted. The upright triangle represents the Sacred Masculine through the following traits: Sun, Life, Fire, Heat, the Spiritual World, Evolution, the trinity of Love – Truth – Wisdom. The horizontal line at the bottom of the triangle represents Air. The inverted triangle represents the Sacred Feminine through the following traits: Moon, the Matrix, Water, Cool, the Natural World, the Body, the Yoni, the Shakti, Involution, and the Great Mother. The horizontal line at the top of the triangle represents The Earth.

Blended together, there is now a balance of complimentary, yet oppositional forces. In this state, movement ceases…like finding stillness at a central point. In this state, there is equilibrium, inner peace, love, and harmony. In this state, creation naturally occurs.

When this blending is viewed in 2-D, one sees the Star of David. However, pull it into 3-D, and you now have two intersecting tetrahedrons, resulting in the MerKaBah. This is the true power of 6 in sacred geometry.

Mer means “rotating fields of light,” Ka means “spirit,” and Bah means “soul.” In Hebrew, MerKaBah also means “chariot”…as in the chariot that took Elijah away and the wheels within wheels as described by Ezekiel. And here is the first hint at how this blending works…rotation. The Sacred Masculine rotates clockwise, creating a “White Hole Vortex.” The Sacred Feminine rotates counter-clockwise, creating a “Black Hole Vortex.” When they spin simultaneously, two spirals occur resulting in something truly magnificent…transformation.

When sitting in the midst of the MerKaBah, one is then able to either physically or consciously transport into higher dimensions, connect with higher frequency beings, as well as with Source…for you are sitting in the blended force field of Source. This force field is magnetic, pulsating, full of life, possibilities, vitality, and safety. When in this force field, you are protected…only beings of love and light can join you…it is the ultimate place of peace.

You can practice this on your own by imagining the shapes around you and then inviting them to spin appropriately. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, you can try this meditation.

Connect with your Higher Self, and invite your body deva to do the same. Invite the Sacred Masculine to create a safe and sacred space around you…protective, with appropriate boundaries, supportive, witnessing and delighting in the exquisiteness of His creation. Then invite the Sacred Feminine to fill the safe and sacred space with her flowing energy…filled with creation, nutrients, gentleness, unconditional love, filling up the entire space with Her essence. Then invite them to merge their energies together…with you in the middle. Feel the electromagnetic hum and pulse, slowly spin around and through you. Allow it to completely engulf you, resting in the awe and wonder of Source’s Love for you. Stay present and aware, if possible, and observe the effects this field has on your body and your spirit. Stay in this energy for as long as you wish.

When your time is completed, allow Divinity to update all reference points, all personality grids, all ways of being, perceiving and being perceived in the world. Allow Them to wrap you in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in Their vibrations to whatever degree is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Express gratitude to Them and to the higher realms and all beings who participated in this sacred meditation. Then open to receive the blessing of gratitude from Them for connecting with Them…for as you shift, grow, evolve, and move through the world, you shift humanity.

And so it is.