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Have you ever walked into a room and felt as though you could “cut the tension with a knife?” How about feeling someone “boring holes into your back with their eyes?” Have you ever sensed someone you loved before you saw him/her? Or thought of someone just as he/she called you?

Believe it or not, these abilities are actually normal…forgetting we know how to do this is not. However, having these abilities in this dense, physical dimension can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes you may feel as though you are bombarded with so much stimuli that it physically hurts. Children particularly are aware of these intense experiences and can easily become overwhelmed and lash out in unexpected ways. If you or your children experience anything like this, you may be interested in reading The Highly Sensitive Person in order to learn a bit more about yourself or someone you know.

I remember many times when I begged for God to take this gift away from me. I felt everything…not just what I was feeling, but what everyone around me was feeling, and thinking too. I could only handle being around other people for a very short while before I was completely drained, and yet I love being around people! Reconciling these two extremes was impossible and experiencing the dramatic pendulum was so painful for me that I wished for this sensitivity to go away…in fact, I hated it and cursed it many many times. It still never went away.

Learning to live in a sensory violent world as a sensitive is challenging, but not impossible. And, it really is a gift as I’ve learned…you just have to learn how to harness the gift and protect yourself. The latter is the first step, for without it you will never be able to discern what is you and what isn’t. Until you can do that, you’ll subject yourself to anyone and everyone’s whims and be tossed about like a rag doll. So, here’s an exercise with which to begin.

Pull yourself into your Divine Line, along with all your energy that you have outside of your Divine Line. These are often easy to identify because it’s all those areas in which you have insecurities. If you have doubts or feel uncertain about something, chances are you have your energy on someone or something else in order to fulfill that need. So, pull those lines back to you and into your Divine Line.

Invite Archangel Michael to help you create an energetic shield around your entire body. This force field can be constructed in such a way that only the highest frequency of love and light can penetrate it. Once constructed, you will feel a stillness and calm. If you are a sensitive, you’ll feel like you can finally take a deep breath instead of being in constant hyper-vigilance (which depletes your adrenals).

After a few deep breaths, look around within your protected and shielded space. You’ll start to notice that there are some pieces of others in your space, so clear them out, as they will distort your ability to discern. Invite you, at the level of your Higher Self, to work with the energetic fields and the guides to locate all reference points and energetic lines that others have placed onto you and gently lift them up and off of you and your grids, sending them back to their right and perfect place, where they have the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. Every time you come across an energy that doesn’t belong to you, simply do the above protocol. Do this until you are clean inside your bubble. Invite your body deva and your team to do the same.

Now, just sit in your space. Reacquaint yourself with you…and just you. This is the normal state of being. Familiarize yourself with it. The more you do, the more easily you will identify when you’ve allowed someone else into your space. And you will…it’s just part of the process. So, be gentle with yourself as you gradually become aware of your energetic patterns and then just clear it all again. There is no judgement…just awareness.

An extra piece of information that I found helpful is this: whenever there are solar flares, your energetic shields will dissolve much faster. While advanced shields can last 12 hours, solar flares can shorten those to 2 hours. When you start feeling raw or vulnerable or temperamental or irritated, it’s a sure sign that your shield has come down. When you become aware of it, simply express gratitude for noticing and then again for knowing how to fix it and then fix it. It’s that simple, and that gentle.

Finally, once you’re cleaned and cleared and shielded, complete the protocol: updating all your reference points, personality grids, energetic templates, ways of perceiving and being perceived. Allow the higher realms to wrap you in sheets of rainbow light, gently sealing in these vibrations to the level that is appropriate for your spiritual evolutionary state. Express gratitude to Archangel Michael and any other beings of love and light who assisted you. Then open to receive gratitude from the higher realms for having the courage to shift, grow, and evolve…for as you shift, you shift humanity.

And so it is.