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Whenever one dares to dream there is, inevitably, that moment of realization…that disheartening feeling…that the gap between you and your dreams is just too big. And then you say it…HOW???

At this point, many people give up on their dreams…choosing to believe that the gap really is too big and live a life of wistful depression…simply because they couldn’t figure out The How. It is daunting…The How. It usually involves wisdom or knowledge or skills that you don’t currently have…or connections you don’t know how to make…or resources that you don’t currently have. And, the more you think about The How the bigger the overwhelm becomes until you’re stuck…paralyzed…without a clue what to do or where to begin.

That’s what you get for dreaming such ridiculously big dreams. Stop it and be satisfied with what you have. Stop rocking the boat. Stop being a troublemaker. You’re only going to bring yourself more pain if you keep going down the dream path.

Any of those sound familiar? Here’s a secret…you can only dream dreams that you are capable of manifesting. Really! It’s true! If you can dream it, you have the capacity to make it happen.


I don’t know.

Isn’t that magical?

Here’s another secret…you don’t ever have to know…or need to know. All you have to do is dream it. The How belongs to the higher realms. You still have to do your part, but your part involves walking through a door that has magically appeared out of nowhere and has magically opened precisely when you need it. That’s how you’ll know it’s the right door to go through…synchronicity.

And here’s a final secret…in that moment of awe at the synchronistic events that just took place, express a deep and profound gratitude to the higher realms for bringing it about. The more you do this, the more amazing and wonderful synchronicities will flock to you. Seriously!

At the level of your Higher Self, locate all your How??? lines that you have placed on your dreams. Bundle them all up, and hand them over to your Higher Self, your team, your guides, and your body deva’s Higher Self. Let them collaborate and do the work for you and figure out The How. Let your body deva manifest it in this dimension, as your body deva is of this dimension and knows The How (amazing, right?). Then pull yourself into your Divine Line, snuggled up against the spine and Divine Line of the body deva, and be in the dream, expressing gratitude for the reality of this dream…for by being in it in your Divine Line, it already exists. Reflect that dream to the higher realms and to your body deva. Do this at least once a day. Then watch for the synchronicities to appear.

Commence dancing…you have just manifested…without knowing The How.

And so it is.