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Throughout this weekend, there were times when I had no option but to make some downtime for myself. I’d be moving along great, doing my daily life, and BAM! my brain would switch off and I felt suddenly and utterly weary…like I could sleep for 10 years. Sometimes, my brain would be so fully switched off that a normal conversation was completely baffling to me…I couldn’t track logic at all.

And then I felt them…all the downloads. Some were gentle warm fuzzies that thrummed from head to toe, some were jolts that smacked me backwards a step, some were electric hums that grew with intensity for a few minutes then gradually subsided. Then I understood why my brain was fritzing out and all I wanted to do was sleep or zone out.

Whenever we receive information, much like studying a subject in school, we need to sleep in order to fully integrate the information. New information causes what psychologists term “cognitive dissonance.” This means that this new information doesn’t match the explanation of the information you already have (i.e. it breaks the rules or conflicts with the story you tell around the current information) and you have to now figure out how to understand the old and the new information in a way that makes sense to you.

For some people, this can be perceived as a dangerous thing because, depending on the information, cognitive dissonance can result in either minor adjustments or major life overhauls. A minor adjustment might mean that you simply have a missing piece around why someone didn’t talk to you on a particular day and you realize that all is well with the world. Or, it could be that you understand or see a hidden agenda and a relationship will now never be the same again. What to do with this new information is the dissonance part…and sometimes, it’s quite a disorienting experience…particularly if the dissonance is related to foundational belief.

Today is about allowing yourself the time to integrate this information…relieving the cognitive dissonance by creating a new structure for all the information you carry. It’s a day where your body and soul press the reset button in order to deeply integrate all the downloads from the weekend in the new configuration that’s been created since December 12, 2012. Allow the work to happen at the level of your and your body deva’s higher self and have the solutions and resets reflected to you in this dimension…it’s a much gentler and more efficient way.

As you sleep Monday night, the deepest integration will happen and come Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, the reset will complete. At that point, when everything is aligned in the new configuration, the brain will snap back online and will be fully connected with your soul and body with an energy that is unstoppable. Prepare today…allow for the stillness of breath before the exhilarating take-off.

And so it is.