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stillnessContinuing with yesterday’s post on Thursdays and Jupiter, it is interesting to note that Jupiter, the planet associated with Thursday, and Moon have been dancing together all week. Then on Thursday I began to feel the full-moon energy, which will continue through Monday. This culminating tango between these two energies this weekend has something special in store for us.

From my perspective, Jupiter (sometimes seen as representing the Sacred Masculine) is inviting all of us to release deeply this full moon. He’s inviting us to find those hidden, secret places inside us that are itching to heal. Some of these places have been festering for a while. So, as they are brought to the surface, it may seem as though a huge band-aid has been pulled off a massive abscess and there’s more muck than healing. But Jupiter encourages us to lift our awareness higher…above the 3rd dimension into a higher dimension where we can see the spiritual activity behind situations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. From there, He says, we can find a space of gratitude for these experiences, for they have served us well and now it’s time to say good-bye with gratitude.

To do this most efficiently, allow yourself to have quiet time this weekend. Go into a space of stillness and void so that these places can be gently revealed and allowed to fall away gracefully. If you push yourself this weekend, you may find yourself hitting emotional barriers or dissolving into tears without knowing why. You may find yourself unusually reactive to the regular and familiar things your friends and family say or do…and, you may not know why you are reacting, nor will you know how to stop it…except to retreat. So, please be kind to yourself and take time to nurture and care for yourself by being alone in the stillness.

As you do, and these places and memories arise to be healed, be aware that some of you may experience memories from another life. These memories are important, for they are showing you the history for your present circumstances. Suspend judgement on the validity of these memories, and just allow them to flow. Journal them whenever you can, and allow your mind to analyze them later…after the weekend.

Find your list of intentions that you set in the new moon of this year…around January 11. Feel into the energy of living those intentions and experience that energy in the now. This will also help the shedding to happen more easily and in a more focused way.

Finally, connect with Moon. She symbolizes the Sacred Feminine, and in Her fullness, She has the capacity to birth your intentions into the 3rd dimension. Feel Her support and unconditional love for you and your journey. Allow yourself to relax into Her arms, fully surrendering to Her flow as She brings you to your next opportunity. Express gratitude for all the support and love that is available to you, allowing your heart to open wider in order to receive. For it is by receiving to overflowing that we then have the capacity to give from a place of abundance.

And so it is.