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Today’s energy supports healing that inner voice, the self-critic. Everyone has a self-critic. It’s that voice that criticizes everything you do, think, say, feel, want, wish, dream etc. Or, it criticizes you for not doing, thinking, saying, feeling etc. This voice is insatiable. Nothing will ever please it, and the more you buy into the validity of this voice, the more power you give to it…until you’ve given all your power away, and you are completely frazzled swinging from one extreme to another trying to please this voice.

Last night, I listened to a free conference call by one of my teachers, Aleya Dao. At one point in the call she addressed the issue of the self-critic, filling in a gap of information for today’s energy. This piece is that the self-critic has been used as a motivation mechanism…a voice to spur you on to do more, be more, say more. The only trouble is that this voice is a taskmaster and you can wear yourself out trying to silence it by approving of you. This particular portion of the call begins at 21:05. It will include an energetic protocol for shifting the energy into a higher vibration and a gentler motivation mechanism.

I realized, while experiencing this shift, that while this once had a valuable place in our lives, that time is ending. We are moving into a much more gentle place energetically…which is a great thing, because we are all moving into greater degrees of sensitivity. This kind of motivation is becoming increasingly harsh and painful. So, rather than feel despair that you are too sensitive (self-critic again), rejoice that a more gentle way is now available and supported.

In addition to the valuable pieces offered in Aleya’s session, I invite you to hold a compassionate space for your self-critic. No judgement, anger, fear, frustration…just compassion. This may require that you hold compassion first for yourself before you can hold compassion for that voice. It may also require several days, weeks or months to do so. However long it takes, once you can hold a compassionate space, just sit and watch this self-critic voice. Don’t respond or react to it…just observe and hold compassion.

As you watch this voice grow in strength to get you to respond, increase the space of compassion until it can’t grow any longer. Then just sit…for however long you need to until the critic begins to heal. As it does it will share a hidden pearl of wisdom…a pearl that will aid you in moving forward. When you receive this pearl, receive it in gratitude and humility…grateful for all that this voice has done to support and aid you in the past, honoring that your journey together is coming to an end. Then peacefully separate your paths, keeping your pearl with you, releasing all negative karma between you. Then update all your energy grids, personality grids, all ways of perceiving and being perceived.

And so it is.