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Today holds the capacity to support us and our daily lives from a place of tenderness.

Tenderness is usually experienced after something else…and usually, that something else is a significant event that causes the heart space to explode open. Most often, tenderness is experienced in the face of vulnerability…by both the giver and the receiver.

Growing up, I believed that vulnerability was a weakness…something that could and would be exploited and used against me…and, oftentimes it was. I didn’t know those people were in just as much or more pain than I was and what we all needed was compassion and tenderness. So, I reacted to their expression of pain by accepting it as mine. I shoved my vulnerability way down and built lots of walls of toughness…thinking those walls would protect me from being hurt again. They didn’t. But by the time I realized that, I had built several fortresses. As I faced them, realizing their futility, the idea of taking them down and being raw and real and vulnerable on purpose was terrifying.

Fortunately, I had wonderful teachers who taught me how to shield myself from the energies of others so that I could tear them down…I could be vulnerable and protected. Learning this has been so valuable for me because it allows me to be real and raw and honest and open even when others’ pain causes them to lash out at me. And at first, some responded that way. When they did, Archangel Michael was right there beside me the entire time…protecting me and shielding me until I was strong enough to shield myself. His protection allowed me to feel safe so that I could continue taking down the walls…increasing my vulnerability and openness…even in the face of others’ pain.

Through this process, I was surprised to find that the strength it took to be vulnerable and open was exponentially more than the strength required to keep the walls up. I would retreat to my house and bedroom at the end of each day completely exhausted and in need of support, nurturing, and healing. And that’s when I first discovered tenderness.

Not from another person…from myself…toward myself. A gentle acceptance, nurturing, support, and love…no judgement…no harshness…just being.

This is what I invite you to discover and experience for yourself today…maybe for the first time…maybe again in a deeper way…for today’s energy supports this time of healing in the vulnerable places. You may feel as though your resolutions are too big or overwhelming. You may be feeling lost and confused as to what to do next in your life. You may be wondering why all these emotions and thoughts are coming up and you have no idea what to do about them.

Whatever it is, be tenderness…to yourself. Support the vulnerability and honor whatever is occurring…even if you have no idea what’s going on. Call out to Archangel Michael to protect you in your vulnerability so that you can be tender with yourself in all your raw places and just allow them to be…without judgement. Sit with those places and listen to the teachings they have to offer you…they are filled with pearls of wisdom and love and transformation. Allow the walls to gently dissolve, revealing the true essence of you…which in truth is love and light and bliss.

And so it is.