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Today’s energy has the capacity to support peace…but, perhaps not in the traditional ways or even the first way that comes to mind.

For most of my life I thought peace meant that there was never discomfort or difficulties or challenges or turbulence. I also thought a peaceful life would be extremely boring…without any adventures or activities or fun. If that is your idea of peace, I’d like to invite you to reconsider your definition of peace.

Like everything else in life, peace begins within. It has absolutely nothing to do with external situations, circumstances, or people. If it did, that would mean that peace is fleeting and unstable…and for those with an external mindset, it is. Rather, peace is finding that sweet spot within that frees you from the drama loop.

The drama loop is that never-ending cycle of reactions: you did that, so I react by doing or saying this, so you react by doing or saying that etc. until we are enmeshed in an argument or pattern that is only counter-productive to peace. You might not even know why you did what you did in the first place, just as I might not have a clue as to why I reacted the way I did. But, as long as I stay out of the loop and refuse to react to your action, the drama loop dies. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room to respond to a situation…there absolutely is. However, a response is as a result of clearly seeing the situation for what it is and providing a solution. The drama loop never accomplishes this.

Freeing yourself from the drama loop requires pulling all of your energy off of others and circumstances and situations…off trying to convince another to think or believe a certain way, off of a particular outcome of a situation, off of your children behaving, off of your spouse’s choices, off of your career success, off of your mother-in-law’s approval…everything. Bring your energy back into your Divine Line and gently release all energy placed on you that doesn’t belong to you. Send it back to its right and perfect place, where it has the capacity to be received, along with all relevant and appropriate information. Invite your body deva and your team to do the same.

Now invite your higher self to increase self-control, personal empowerment, and personal responsibility and radiate that to you in this dimension. Invite your body deva and your team to do the same.

Then locate that sweet spot of peace that’s just you…no drama…no expectations from others…no control from others…no reactivity…no fear…no judgment. Spend some time in this space, practicing how to access it so that when challenges arise you can easily find it. Invite your higher self to reveal a pearl of wisdom in this space…a pearl that only belongs to you…only you know how to use it. Invite your higher self to activate that pearl of wisdom in your energy fields.

Update all your reference points, all your personality grids, all ways of perceiving and being perceived. Now look at the world around you. It’s a world teeming with life, adventure, and freedom just waiting to be discovered.

And so it is.